Monday, 18 December 2017

More Pulp than....

a bottle of cheap Orange Juice!

Just pics of progress on the Pulp, Victorian Science Fiction and American Civil War Mortar Crew.

Sky Pirates.

Finally finished, I present, in all their leather finery, the Sky Pirates.

These girls were made up from a Historex nude female torso and head with a Chinese architectural 1:32 model head and a current Historex female range head.   The sculpted details were done with a two part putty, ProCreate.   The leather flying coats were painted with Vallejo Mahogany Brown or Rose Brown and then Vallejo Smoke was washed over them to give a leather look.   Bases are plastic "granny grating"   The arms on the mechanic figure are from Scale Link.

Gee Bee Racer.

Of course, Sky Pirates without planes are just girls in leather with attitude, so a Lindberg 1/32 scale Gee Bee Racer was purchased and is under construction.

It seems to be a fairly straight forward build.   All parts that have pre assembled so far, fit together really well with negligible flash.

I intend to paint her in the box colours so a bit of preplanning is necessary to allow me to mask the scalloped leading edges etc before final assembly.   More to come on this subject.

Of course, the Sky Pirates won't all fit into one aircraft so a Lindberg Laird Turner Meteor has also been ordered.

Union Mortar Barge and Crew.

The Mortar barge was made a few years ago but lacked a proper mortar and crew.
To remedy this situation I made up a six man crew using self sculpt lower bodies and a Historex male torso and head.  The black American used a current Historex head from their Arabic/Negroid pack.
Again, clothing was sculpted using ProCreate.   The Powder Monkey came was converted from a Chinese copy of a Marx Boy Scout.

Pulp Figures Works in Progress.

From left to right: your archetypal shady Western Oriental Gentleman converted from a Chinese Architectural figure with an AiP Egyptian head, re-positioned arm and bulked out trousers.
Next a Tramp Steamer First Mate.   Self sculpt lower body, Historex male torso and a head from the Airfix Commando set.   Bit of a nod to Captain Haddock before he was a Captain of course!
Lastly, Tramp Steamer Captain.   Multipose legs and upper body with a Scale Link head.

The New South Wales Lancerettes.

Finally finished, a six woman Troop of the NSW Lancerettes, the "Waratahs".
The side saddle skirt was made up from a Historex mounted Mameluke leg set and the torso again is female Historex nude.   Plastron front and jacket from ProCreate again.   The slouch hat is converted from an Airfix Australian slouch hat with Cock feathers sculpted from ProCreate.   In case you are wondering, the lances sit in a socket attached to the girth strap.   It seemed a reasonable solution to a particular problem.

The Female Admiral.

Finally, the Female Admiral.

The Admiral was sculpted using a Historex female nude torso and head with a self sculpted skirt and a Bicorne from a DSG Pirate and epaulettes from Helmet Soldiers.   She is shown with her faithful companion, "Collingwood". 


  1. Nice ACW and VSF figures!
    The mortar boat is very nice.

    1. Many Thanks Captain! It certainly is a genre with many modelling possibilities. By the way, I loved your "Moon Smasher". Great use of materials.