Sunday, 1 October 2017

Pulp and Victorian Science Fiction Figures

In this post I will be presenting some of the Pulp and VSF figures I have been working on lately. 

First up and in no particular order is two RN/Commonwealth Sailors on a Run ashore in a Chinese Port somewhere.
These were made up from a Historex male torso with self sculpts of the bellbottoms and whitefronts.   All additions were made with ProCreate, a two part epoxy putty.   The caps were modified British Officer's caps from the Airfix Multipose set.   Arms were also Multipose and Scale Link.   The beer bottle was turned up on the Proxxon Hobby Lathe

A Run Ashore

The Admiral and the Lancer

Next is a female Admiral of the late 1800's  and a female Lancer.   These are obviously works in progress.   The sidesaddle skirt started out as a pair of Historex Mameluke mounted legs with a lot of ProCreate and grinding with the Dremel.   The torso is a cut down Historex nude female and the hat is a modified Airfix Australian slouch hat.   She is styled (loosely) after the NSW Lancers Uniform and has a plastron front made from ProCreate.   Once the Lancer is finalised I will cast the skirt and torso so as to make up a 6 woman unit.

The Admiral is modelled after this image that my friend Les sent me.

Again, a Historex female nude provided the torso but a Historex female head from their current range provided her head.   The skirt is a self sculpt and still needs more "filling out".

The Bunting Tosser.

A nickname for Navy Signalmen (amongst others!), he was constructed in the same manner as the previous two sailors.   The signal flags are made up from thick foil.   The letter "S"is shown.

Captain Nemo

Next is my take on the Legendary Captain Nemo of Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
Noting Nemo is also known as Prince Dakkar, I chose to portray him to reflect his Indian ethnicity.
The figure was converted from an ACW General (I think Armies in Plastic) with a Dorset Soldiers Sikh Turbaned head and a Historex scimitar and epaulettes from the Mameluke set.
He is shown waiting on the wharf for the Nautilus' boat to pick him up.

Victorian Female Adventurer

Depicted below with some Marx recast native bearers and pet chimp, the Victorian Huntress  was converted from a Star Wars Command Imperial Guardsman for the skirt, a Historex female nude torso and an Airfix Afrika Corps sun helmet.   The rifle she carries is a Dutch Beaumont, sourced from ReeDees Miniatures.

HMS PINCHER's Landing Party.

The year is 1888.   With the cream of Her Majesty's Land and Naval Forces off on Mars fighting the green, tentacled Martians, Britain finds her Army and Navy undermanned and under threat from European antagonists eager to relieve Britain of her dominions.   Two of these European Nations, which cannot be named, except that one speaks French and the other German, are particularly active in this role.

The Widow of Windsor has a world changing idea.   Let the women do the job that men normally do!
To this extent the Royal Navy rapidly filled its unmanned warships with female Tars.   Pictured below is the Landing Party of HMS PINCHER.

These formidable lasses were made up using the Star Wars Command Guardsman for the skirt, a Historex female nude torso and ProCreate for the all the sculpted details.   A current Historex female head was used on the Lieutenant.   The boots were from cheap Chinese Airfix German copies and the caps were again modified Multipose British Officer's caps.   The modified Union Jack was made up by my good Mate Billy, who is far more adept at computer graphics than I ever will be.   The girls are armed with Martini Henrys from Tradition of London and Deetail cutlasses.
They are of course, inspired by the Hinterland range of 28 mm figures.

Sky Pirates

Lastly, the Sky Pirates.   An infamous band of mysterious privateer aviatrixes.

These girls are still very much a work in progress.   They are made up from the ubiquitous Historex female torso, the boots from the Airfix DAK multipose set with heads from Historex and a Chinese 1/32 architectural model.   Other details such as jodhpurs, coats etc are made from ProCreate.
They were inspired by the figures produced by Pulp Alley.

Still to come, when I find the time, is a set of crew figures for a Tramp Steamer, some Chinese merchant figures and hopefully finish the small Chinese Warlord band I started a while ago.
And lastly, many thanks to two good modelling Mates, Billy and Les, for their input and help with these figures.


  1. Okay Col VSF now you're talking.
    Your RN figures have come up well and I like Captain Nemo.
    The WIP mounted female (can I say that) looks real promising!
    Thanks for posting these!

    1. Thank You Captain! It certainly is a very interesting genre to model. Lots of possibilities await!

  2. Just awesome. Miss you mate. Best to Sharon too

    1. Thanks Mate! That's a Ditto from Sharon and me. You know where we live, so if you are ever over this way, you make sure you come and see us.