Monday, 23 October 2017

Chicks and Mortar

Or Part 2 of Pulp and VSF figures.

This post is more of a mini post than the usual style of post and is intended to illustrate the progress I have made on my Pulp and VSF projects.

Sky Pirates

These girls have been undercoated and are awaiting painting.
I have been working on names for these formidable lasses and so far have come up with (from L-R)
Lydia Binns, English, Mechanic, learnt her trade at the Meccano Factory at Liverpool.
Fraulein Thistle Hirte, Austrian, Pilot, ex Lufthansa Stewardess.   Left the Airline under a cloud, won't say why, but was heard to mutter something about a "Dirty Fokker".   Obviously aircraft cleanliness and hygiene was an issue.
Dusty Rhodes, Australian, Pilot/Navigator, first female pilot for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.
Patty "Paisley" Patton, American, Pilot, not much known other than her brother has something to do with Tanks.
Skye Ward, Canadian, Pilot, Armourer, hates Maple Syrup.

Female Rocket Troop

My modelling mate, Les, pointed me in another direction the other day which led me to start on the Female Rocketeers.   They are based on Eureka Miniature's Rocket Girl Squad.

Picture from wargameterrain.blogspot

The lower torsos are from Glencoe US Marines, which are a bit smaller than other manufacturer's Marines so they work to advantage in representing a more slender feminine form.
In the foreground are some Italaeri SC250 Bombs which will be used for the Rocket Packs.

13 inch Seacoast Mortar.

If your modelling interests include the American Civil War you would no doubt have at least one of the BMC 13"Mortars.   I was never very happy with the look of this model so I took the opportunity to make a more realistic one using the mortar tube from the BMC model.

This was a very straightforward exercise in plastic sheet, tube and rod.   Plans were gleaned from the internet and additional information from the Flagship Models version in 1/32.   Still a little more work to be done but I am more than happy with the result.

The Mortar's ultimate destination.

Of course a mortar needs a crew and taking inspiration from this image,
Soldier and Sailor's Monument, Cleveland, USA,

I am currently working on five figures in total, three of which can be seen below.

Still more work to be done in regards to filling, smoothing and beards etc.

The Admiral.

Lastly but by no means least, the Admiral.
This august matron is undercoated and only requires painting in readiness for her taking command of Britain's Female Naval Forces.


  1. I’m liking your mortar barge...a little Mississippi Gaming coming up?

  2. Thank You Captain! Maybe not Gaming so much but more ACW sailors'are in the works. I built the barge in the last century (1980s) but never got around to arming it. Better late than never!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Mate! Just started working on some German female Raket Truppen. Winged helmets a la Valkyrie!
      Stay Tuned.