Sunday, 4 June 2017

British Napoleonic Forces

As modelled by Britains, Timpo and Armies in Plastic!

Just a short post this time.   

I present, for your viewing pleasure, my meagre collection of British Napoleonic Forces, as modelled by Britains, Timpo and Armies in Plastic.


From Front to Rear:

Scot's Grey, (Britains)
 3 x 10th Hussars, 3 x Life Guards (Britains)
5 x 13th Light Dragoons (Timpo on Britains Remounts)


Britains 2nd Foot Infantry

Britains 42nd Highlanders

Officer and Ensigns homecast and converted from Foot Infantry Officer figure.


Armies in Plastic Foot Artillery.

I was a little disappointed in that these figures did not have any of the lace across the chest moulded.
I used very thin strips of yellow decal strip to represent this.   Not perfect but much better than leaving them plain.   Ramrods and Handspikes were replaced with brass wire.

Royal Marines.

Not strictly Napoleonic but of the the period are these Replicant Royal Marines and a homecast converted Britains Officer.