Tuesday, 25 April 2017

It's Market Day!

Or Big Rubble in Little China Part 2.

Having completed the fourth building in the Cubic Fun series, I decided to do some scratchbuilding of certain items which would give a little atmosphere to the table.
I decided on three rickshaws and three Market or Hawker carts.

I started construction of the wheels first.   12 spoked for the Hawker's carts and 18 spoked for the Rickshaws.   I pulled a plan (if you could call it that!) of a rickshaw from Pinterest and resized it to suit 54mm.
The wheels were constructed using the method as described in an earlier post

I have to apologise for the lack of construction photos but they were fairly straightforward exercises in plastic strip and sheet, brass wire and sheet.
The canopies were heat formed as described in a number of previous posts using a male former and a female plug and plastic sheet heated over a gas ring.
The canopy hoops were made up from brass wire shaped on a jig and then soldered together, again using a jig.   Two were modelled in the raised position and one in the lowered.

The photo below shows the nearly completed rickshaws (the lowered canopy still to be painted and fitted) and the three Hawker's Carts under construction.

The first Hawker's cart was a Fruit and Vegetable vendor.   Construction was again very straightforward with plastic sheet for the body and roof and strip for the posts and handles etc.
Little crates were made up from plastic strip and then filled with fruit and vegetables.
The plums were made from tiny beads and painted, the leafy green vegetables were made from a strip of paper wrapped a toothpick and after it had dried, the ends were cut and splayed and then painted.   A bit like those little paper booties for chickens and turkeys.
The eggs were made up from little balls of Milliput and laid on finely chopped bristles (Thanks Billy!)

The melons were made up from larger beads and painted.
The bananas were made from what I call the "chads" left over from my wifes diecutting stencils.   We hunted around for a die pattern that would produce banana shaped cutouts and these were then assembled into hands and painted.

The Beef Fried Noodles cart was made in the same way as the previous cart but wih a rounded roof.   A wok and chuan were made up along with some bowls  from cut down plastic golf tees and silver earring posts and backs were used for dispenser and cups.
Plastic craft mesh was cut to make a resemblance of Chinese lattice for the front of the cart.
The sign actually reads "Beef Fried Noodles"!

The last of the carts is the Fireworks Vendor.   I had in mind that this would make a great Plot Point or "Peril" to be negotiated or even a cause for a worthy distraction.
The firecrackers were made up from all the left over spokes after they had been trimmed to size.
The rockets are just plastic tube either painted or wrapped in a Chinese themed paper.   Launch sticks were added from shaved down toothpicks.
Two posters (from the internet) advertising Chinese branded fireworks were added as well.

I will have to make a start on a few more buildings now that this lot is finished.   A few more road sections and of course some coolies and merchants fro the Rickshaws and Carts.


  1. You made your own wheels? I'm either impressed or appalled - can't decide which!

    1. That's just the way I roll Tim! Seriously, making wheels is not that hard if you have a Dremel and the drill stand. It's the only way to get them in the diameter and thickness you need.

  2. Some very cool work lately mate. Write you proper soon :)

    1. Thanks Mate! Look forward to hearing of your adventures!