Friday, 6 January 2017

It's All About that Base!

And Pulp and Palm Trees....

Firstly, A Very Happy New Year to Everyone.

Not wishing to start anything major in the lead up to Christmas,
I decided to rebase my small collection of Pulp Figures.
You may remember some of these figures from this post

The bases I used were sourced from Hasslefree Miniatures and were the 30 and 40 mm lipped.
Discs of the correct diameter were cut from 20 thou plastic sheet using a circle cutting compass.
Various textures were then applied.

I experimented with some texture paste and Glitter Snow paste to see which one would be most suitable for a snow effect.   Not surprisingly, the Glitter Snow paste won the day.   The Texture paste came up well as rough earth once painted and drybrushed.   The little dinosaur is based on the Texture Paste whilst the two Eskimos are based on the Glitter Snow.

Fine sand and Kitty Litter was used for the desert bases and and this was applied on a coating of Elmer's Glue All and once the excess was shaken off, sealed with a dilution of Elmer's, water and a drop or two of detergent applied with a dropper.   The Kitty Litter rocks and Woodland Scenics grass foam was applied with straight Elmer's and then sealed with the aforementioned dilution.

Wood planks were represented by styrene strips, suitably distressed with a razor saw and heavier wood grain inscribed with a scrawker.
The Pavement bases used styrene strip and sheet to represent the pavers and edging with fine sandpaper for the road surface.
One of the bases represents a crazy paved floor with a trapdoor set into them.   The woodwork and trapdoor was applied first to the plastic disc which was then was covered with a thin layer of Spackle (jointing compound) and once dry, the stone paving was inscribed using a re-purposed dental probe.   

I took the opportunity to make some moulds up of some of the bases and took a couple of castings.
These have been primed with grey primer.


The two female members of the Darkmore Gang, Mona Darkmore (L) and her Grandmother, Ayda Darkmore, prepare to leave their suburban hideout under the watchful eye of a Darkmore thug.
The two women are Preiser 1/32 Passengers.   Thug is an Airfix multi pose conversion.

A Work in Progress of the head of the Darkmore gang, Tommy Darkmore.   A Preiser 1/32 passenger figure with Airfix arm and Thompson MG.

Two Eskimos, tired of saving the whales (for lunch) try to catch and eat something older.
Timpo Eskimos, Schleich Mini Dinosaur.

Indy in a spot of bother again.   These ne'er-do-wells have just jumped out of the burgundy 1932 Ford coupe.

Mona Darkmore.   I used a wet palette for the first time to paint her face and whilst not perfect, I'm very happy with the result.

Just the photographic set up.

Palm Trees.

I have had this artificial fern frond for so many years now, I cannot remember from where it originated.   Anyway, it is made from a printed fabric for the blades with a plasticised wire stalk and plastic axis to support the blades.

The blades were separated from the stalk and axis'  and a small piece of florist's wire was superglued to the underside.
I also took a casting of a Preiser Palm Tree Trunk and cast a few of them.

The completed trunks with a smaller bush trunk made up from Pro Create 2 part epoxy putty.

The tops of the trunks had a number of small holes drilled in with a pin vice.   Approximately 12 to 14 holes per trunk.   The blades were then superglued to the trunks.

Now I just have to scour the shops for similar artificial fern fronds!