Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Views from the Workbench!

I have been a bit slow with the blog posts of late.    This post will deal with a miscellany of items I have recently acquired.    I have also made a start on the pile of plastic (and metal) that I have accumulated lately.

I have been painting some of the Tehnolog sets, first off is this little band of Vikings.
The Tehnolog figures, love them or hate them, are a joy to paint.   The detail, for the most part, is very well defined and flash is minimal.  As is my want, I rebased them on the DSG Britains plastic bases. Not a winged Helmet to be seen either!

Next up is the Tehnolog Romans.

I used Vallejo Transparent Red as the topcoat over Flat Red for the tunics and Scuta and was very pleased with the result.   Again the detail was good which made dry brushing the mail very easy.   The guy on the left had his right arm re positioned as I felt the original pose was bit awkward.   Now he is either about to punch someone or he is working some sort of siege machinery.

I recently purchased a number of sets of the Retro Raygun figures from Hydra Miniatures.
These are not painted yet so I won't put them up but here is a couple of photos from the website in case you don't know of them.

Valkeeri Rocket Sled - with Valkeeri warrioress onboard.

Queen Mechanika - Queen of the Robots

Zenithians - Evil Aliens from across another Dimension!

These figures are 30mm.   More information from the website: Retro Raygun

I also picked up a tin toy Rocket ship to use as a scenery item, quite cheaply.   These can be found on the internet quite readily, so shop around.

It's the kind that you push along the floor and when the probe hits a wall, cat or small child, it flips up and a ladder extends revealing the astronaut inside.   I don't think I will be using this feature!

I have made a start on some scenery items for the Retro Raygun figures, the first of which is a Control Tower sort of thing.   It is not finished yet but you can get an idea of how it will turn out.

The main part of the tower is an old water filter housing and the rest is plastic sheet, cardboard, press studs and other bits of plastic odds and ends.   The decorative brackets underneath are made from die cuts made on a Big Shot Die Cutting machine.   This earlier post illustrates the use of the Big Shot
There will eventually be three compartments on the ring around the top of tower.

One of the best things I bought recently was a Back2Basix Paint Rack.   This particular model holds 53 paints (Vallejo) and is made from acrylic in a number of colour combinations which you can choose.   I went for a black chassis and clear shelves.   I liked it so much I bought two more!   They are beautifully cut, assemble very easily with the screws and washers provided and make the job of selecting paint colours so much easier.   Whilst this particular rack was designed for Vallejo, it quite happily accepts Reaper, Army Painter etc.

I actually bought these from the Back2Basix ebay shop.   They were on sale with free postage but this may have changed by now.   All in all, they are a very good product.

Lastly, two more painting projects on the bench.

Tehnolog "Lizard People" from the Citadel Fear set.   They have been undercoated with Rustoleum 2X Flat Grey Primer.   This works really well with plastics and adhesion is great and does not flake (even with bendy weapons etc.)
I also made up some painting blocks which have made painting a great deal easier.   The actual figures have single strand copper wire inserted into pre drilled holes in their feet.   The copper wire is good as you can drill into the meatiest part of the foot/leg, even if it's on an angle (as a lot of the Tehnolog figures are!) and the copper wire can then be bent easily to the vertical.

And finally, Tehnolog Orcs.   These started off green already, so I undercoated them with Rustoleum 2X Flat Clear.   These little guys have actually been finished (you can see them in one of the Paint Rack photos above) but I am waiting on some decals from VenVidiVici Wargames so I can apply them to the shield and shoulder armour on two of them