Sunday, 31 July 2016

Britains Knights and Turks - Part 2

In this post I will cover the mounted Knights and Turks and the Turk Foot figures.

Mounted Knights

The mounted Knights were introduced in 1973.  Colour variations were minimal, the main differences being the caparisons and lance colours.   The lances which sometimes broke or went missing, could be replaced by resin ones  from a manufacturer called Lunar Tick Miniatures, but unfortunately he is no longer in business.   At a pinch, the Timpo lance can be made to fit but is slightly longer.
The front three figures are China Production, with better/more detailed paint schemes.

Turk Foot

Again, this series was introduced in 1973, the same remarks regarding colour schemes apply here as well.   The first row of figures are China Production.   As an aside, the figure on the right (708) had the sword hand modified early in production so as to have the sword at right angles to the body rather than running alongside it. 

Mounted Turks

As before, this series was introduced in 1973.   Same remarks regarding caparisons and lances as mentioned earlier apply here as well.

Robin Hood

Well, he came back from the Crusades, so I guess he fits in here.

The Robin Hood set was introduced in 1996 and was China Production.
They are nice figures, Friar Tuck being especially good.   Robin really needs more archers and some Sheriff's Men to oppose him.   Replicants do a set of Sheriff's Men, so that might be worth checking out.

The Castle

Of course, every Knight needs something to call his Castle so a few years I scratchbuilt this one.    It was designed to be modular, so I could make it smaller if required and for ease of storage.

The structure's modules were made from Foamcore and 3 mm MDF where strength was a requirement i.e at joining sections etc.   The joining sections were simply Rawl plugs that plugged into holes on their opposite numbers.   These pieces were all jig drilled to ensure uniformity.

The corners of the towers had quoins made up from card and some random stonework for a bit of texture was applied to the various walls.

The castle was then given a coat or two of Grey Stone Fleck Paint.   Unfortunately, this made the applied stonework a bit hard to see!   Details such as doors and arrow slits were picked out.

Finally some pictures of various bits of siege equipment that I have pieced together over the years
The Battering Ram, Mantlet, Scaling Ladders and Gabions were built over twenty years ago.
The Siege Tower needs finishing as do the Timpo Tents.   The catapults actually use tensioned twine and are quite effective.

The information for the release dates etc of the Deetails series was taken from that most excellent publication "Suspended Animation" by Peter Cole. 

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Now...Where was I ?

Oh yes!   Time for a blog post, long overdue!

Britains Knights and Turks.

Over the next couple of posts I hope to present my collection of Britains Knights and Turks.
First off the mark are the Foot Knights.

First Series Foot Knights on the left, Second Series in the middle and Swivel Knights on the right.
In the rear are Black Knights and DSG Knights.
Front left are some miscellaneous knights.

First Series.

This series was released in 1973.   Colour schemes remained the same for the most part, only the shield stickers varied.   

Second Series.

This series was introduced in 1978.   Again, colour schemes remained fairly standard with the shield stickers varying.

The Knights that Swivel!

These Knights were introduced in 1984.   The body could be made to swivel and if you were so inclined, could swap legs and bodies.   The mounted versions used the same torsos but with a mounted lower body.    Unfortunately, I do not have any of the mounted version.
Apparently, additional mounted figures with gold torsos and modified to take a large shield were were released in 1988 and called Banner Knights.

Black Knights.

Essentially the same figures as Series 2, this set was introduced in 1985.   I don't think there were mounted versions produced.

In the foreground is a set of China Production figures.  A mixture of Series 1 and 2, but with more detailed paint schemes.   Only 5 figures in the set though.

DSG Knights

A selection of DSG Knights.   Still available and in various colour schemes, I bought these to make up Command Units.   Nicely sculpted figures and they fit in well with Britains.

Odd Knights

Well, the two on the right are Britains but modifed/repainted and I have no idea about the two on the left.

There was another set of Knights released in 1986 and then re-introduced in 1997 as China production.   The less said of these monstrosities, the better.   They were, in my humble opinion, badly sculpted, and looked as if they were on a body builder's steroid regime.   I have a few in my spares box awaiting re-purposing!

Next post I hope to deal with the Turk Foot and Knight and Turk Mounted.