Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The Maiden Voyage of HMQS Gayundah (the model!)

Finally Finished!

The Brisbane Courier 28th of March 1885

At long last I have completed my model of the Gayundah.    Regular readers of my blog may recall that I started her back in September of 2015.   I can happily report she has turned out in excess of expectations and I am extremely happy with her.   My problem now is finding somewhere to display her!

Anyway, some photos of the completed build.

Port Side
The rigging was simplified but enough was done to remain convincing.   Black thread was used for standing rigging and light tan for running rigging.

Stbd Side

The Queensland State flag was simply printed up on the home computer and attached to the aft Gaff.



The Navigation lanterns were made from Lego Red and Green pieces and brass paint was used to simulate the brass casing.

Stbd Side Boat Deck


As I mentioned in an earlier post, the ship's boats were made up from a card whaleboat kit from Fiddler's Green, with the exception of the 12' Dory.   For this boat I used a product from an American company, Micro Glass.

I ordered two small hulls from them, the 12' Dinghy and the 13' Double ended Lifeboat.   I was presently surprised to find they had also include a Boston Whaler and a 10' Dinghy.   The postage to Australia was also very reasonable.

I guess I need to start looking for another project.   Whatever it is I don't think it will be a big a job as this last one!