Saturday, 12 December 2015

HMQS Gayundah - Pt 8

Progress has been a little slow of late, the work itself is time consuming but very enjoyable nonetheless.
Below is my method of preparing the deadeyes so that they can be attached to the chain plates and the shrouds.
A simple jig was prepared to facilitate the attachment of the brass jump ring with ordinary black cotton thread.   This was just a series of overhand knots tied until I felt it was going to be strong enough.   The round deadeyes are Artesania Latina 8506 and the triangular style, no idea.   I have had them for years!

Once all the deadeyes had been rigged a start was made on the actual shrouds and ratlines.
Again a simple jig, or Rigging Board (not my idea, I stole it!) was made up using scrap MDF and household pins.   In the photo below you can also see the various threads used in the construction of the rigging.
Plain white cotton thread, DMC #8 Perle cotton, plain black cotton thread and what appears to be about .5 to .8 mm pure cotton thread.   This was sourced from the Jewellery makings section of a $2.00 shop.   It has a plasticized feel to it and was used to make the Backstays and other parts of the rigging.
   Lastly the actual thread I used for the Shrouds (the verticals of the Ratlines) was described as leather cord, 1mm.   I don think it's leather, more like a plasticized cotton.   Its braided and made it easier to sew the actual ratlines through it.   The ratlines were made from the DMC Perle.

Sheer Poles were made up from plastic strip with suitably sized holes drilled to take the Shrouds and Backstay.

 Almost completed Fwd Shrouds and Ratlines.   I still have to tidy up the Lanyards (which tie the two deadeyes together). 

Again, almost completed Shrouds and Ratlines.

The Guardrail stanchions have all now been fitted and the FX is almost complete.
I am awaiting an order of brass wire so that I can finish the Guardrails.
Navel pipes were let into the Fwd bulkhead, these were just rubber grommets superglued over a hole and painted black.   The two lengths of cable were then secured inboard and the Boat Deck was then attached.

The after Guardrails attached and wired up.

Finally, an overall view of Gayundah as she is presently.
Yards and Rigging still to be fitted.


  1. Simply outstanding! I see you've had to move the train layout

  2. Thanks Mate! Yeah, made the decision to downsize the layout. I might get a smaller one finished!