Thursday, 24 December 2015


I'd like to take the opportunity to wish my readers a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
This post will be another mash up of miscellanea, tying up loose ends and such.

First off...........

Girls, Girls, Girls!

These are the Pinup and Desert Battle offerings from Masterbox.
I have not made these up yet, but a quick look at the contents show they will be very compatible with 1/32 scale figures.   The Pinups will be part of my Pulp collection whilst the Skull Clan girls will form part my Sy Fy/Fantasy collection.   More female figures are on the way but I will leave them for a future post.

Speaking of Sy Fy, next up is a couple of bags of Starcraft 2 Terran Marines.   These are available from Blizzard, the producer of the Starcraft video game and were very good value for the money.
   I obviously have to paint them and I am currently researching colour schemes markings etc.   Just the three poses, so some conversion work may be needed.  54mm in size.

Of course Space Marines need something to grind into the dirt so Blizzard also offer Zerglings.

Again, just the three poses, but I can live with that.
The masters were apparently modelled in a 3D environment and then tweaked physically once printed out to produce the finished miniatures.   Very intricate detail for a injection moulded model.

Readers may remember I made a reference in a earlier post regarding a secret project for a friend of mine in Scotland.    Les casually mentioned to me, he was wanting to wargame the conflict in Shanghai during the 1920's.
Of course, the iconic 1920 Pattern Rolls Royces were an integral part of the British Forces during the period so I made him one using spare parts leftover from my Rolls Royce 1920 Pattern build.

The Shanghai Rolls Royces were fitted with what was known as a Top Hat Turret.  This turret gave more protection to the vehicle commander when opened.  I also made the turret hatch open so as he could fit a crew figure if required.

A couple of miscellaneous items I sourced from a $2.00 shop.   These were cake separators, 4 to a bag and very cheap.   Once a bit of weathering is applied they should come up very nicely.   Of course, that means I will have to scratchbuild some sort of pediment to go on top sometime in the future.

The little dinosaur is a Allosaurus from the Schleich miniature dinosaur range.   Just right for Pulp Fiction gaming!

I finally obtained the last of the New Ray WW1 aircraft collection.   This one is the French Spad.   This will join my other WW1 aircraft.

Lastly, a little while ago I built a number of Universal Carriers.

In addition to the Standard English model I also made two examples of the Australian built version, the LP2.
This differed mainly in the construction of the bow/front and stowage on the rear deck.
I realised that I never produced any photos.

The two models are armed with a Vickers MG and a Boys anti tank rifle.
Decals are from Archer.

So, until next year, have a good Holiday Season and I hope Santa gets you what you wanted!

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