Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Her Majesty's Queensland Ship "Gayundah"

HMQS Gayundah, later HMAS Gayundah, was a Flat Iron Gunboat built by Armstrong, Mitchell and Co., Newcastle, England in 1884.   She and her sister, Paluma, were ordered for the Queensland Maritime Defence Force.   At this time, the Australian states were responsible for their own Naval defence in conjunction with the ships of the Royal Navy on the Australian Station.

Gayundah and Paluma were armed initially with 1 x 8"Breech Loader, 1 x 6"Breech Loader, 2 x 1.5" Nordenfelt Quick Firers and  2 Machine Guns.
For more information on these two Gunboats I can recommend the the following website which covers them in more detail than I can here:  Gayundah Info .

So, having said all this, you might be asking "what is this leading to??"
I intend to make a model of the Gayundah in 1/32nd scale., Crazy, Folly, Madness... Yes probably all of the above  but  I have a got a model of a 4.7 inch deck gun that needs a ship to go underneath it!   So over the next couple of posts, I will detail the construction of the Gayundah.


Are a good place to start and the subject is well covered on the web. 
I chose to use the plans from the State Library of Queensland and they are reproduced here courtesy of that organisation.

The plans were enlarged on the photocopier to the correct size and printed over 4 x 2 A4 sheets.   These were then taped together.

A major hardware chain here in Australia had large sheets of 5omm thick Hi Density foamboard for $20.00 a sheet.   I chose this for the construction of the hull.

The photo above shows the foam board and a half plan, photocopied from the original plan.   This was used to mark out the shape of the hull.

The hull was then roughly cut out with a new jack saw and final shaping was achieved with the bench sander and a B&D Mouse sander.   The foam board sands up very smoothly and could be left uncovered if it was to be used for a static model.

   However, I felt that bottom of the hull in particular needed a little more protection, so a piece of 3mm MDF was cut and glued to the bottom of the hull.

The MDF was cut and sanded to shape and allowance was made for the Cruiser stern.    This too was shaped using the B&D Mouse.

I should mention the glue I used for the Foam board to MDF.    This was Selleys AllFix.
A general purpose adhesive that sticks just about anything to anything!
When working with foam board, it is a good idea to make sure the adhesive is suitable as you may end up with a soggy, sticky mess instead of the Pride of the Fleet you are hoping for!

In the next post I hope to cover the hull sides and Quarterdeck (hereby known after as the AX) and the main weather deck.



  1. Seriously cool project, AE2 next, then Cerebus :) Oh yeah, make crew for this too eh mate?

    1. Thanks Mate!. Don't know about the rest of the fleet, might need more storage space, but a crew is definitely planned.