Sunday, 30 August 2015

I've got Spurs that Jingle, Jangle, Jingle!

Britains Deetail Cowboys.

There would not be too many (older) people that did not have these figures growing up.
I certainly have obtained a few over the years.
I present, for your viewing pleasure, my Wild West Collection of Britains Cowboys.

I think I have most of the sets/series that Britains produced in one form or another.   On the whole, the Cowboys are pretty confusing to categorise because of the many variations both in figure type and colour variation.   I have the book "Suspended Animation" by Peter Cole, which catalogues the different series of Deetail Figures.    Guess I should sit down with that one day and sort out the confusion!

Wagons Roll!

From L-R
 Stagecoach (China), Jail Wagon, 2 Covered Wagons (scratchbuilt in the 80's), another 2 Covered Wagons (scratchbuiilt in the 90's) and at the rear, Buckboard and another Covered Wagon (both China)
Of course some of these wagons pull double duty for the ACW and Plains Wars as well as the Wild West.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Meet the Fokker!

Or a Mashup of Miscellanea!

First up, been a bit slow with the blog posts of late.   I have been working on a secret project for a Mate of mine.   Can't reveal it yet as I think he may look at my Blog now and again.

Anyway, I managed to acquire another of the New Ray WW1 planes for my meagre WW1 Aircraft collection.   The Fokker DVII.

As I reviewed these models in an earlier post  New Ray Aircraft Kits  I won't go into too much detail.   They are, in my humble opinion, cheap and cheerful.   They go together really easily and scale well for 54mm wargaming.   The colour scheme is not the one I would have chosen but I imagine it would be easy enough to repaint in the scheme of choice.

Just need the Spad !

Two books next, the first, One Hour Wargames by Neil Thomas.

I'll be the first to admit, I am more of a collector/builder than a wargamer but this book sets out simple rulesets for a number of wargaming periods.    I could even understand them!
The periods covered amongst others,  are: Ancient, Dark Ages, Rifle and Sabre. Machine Age and Second World War.

The rules are designed to be used with multiple scales and there are a number of generic scenarios as well.    All up, good value for money.

The second book is one I can highly recommend.   I have always considered my self a lazy painter, but Ihave been trying to improve over the years.   This book, Painting Wargames Figures by Javier Gomez, sets out in great detail, how to paint wargames figures.   Generally dealing with the 28mm variety, he does touch quickly on larger figures but the techniques are the same basically for both.

The book deals with painting specific colours e.g. Greys, Blues, Browns etc. as well as metallics, shading and highlighting.   More importantly, "recipes" or paint mixes are detailed using Vallejo paints.   I made the switch to Vallejo a couple of years ago.   Before then it was Humbrol and Tamiya. 

I can highly recommend this book as it achieves what it sets out to do admirably.
The author, Javier Gomez, has done work for the Perry Brothers and they have nothing but praise for his painting. 

Lastly, I acquired another Airfix HMS Victory and a model I have not seen that much of, The Mary Rose.   I intend to waterline the Victory but the Mary Rose will go on it's stand.