Thursday, 2 July 2015

There ain't enough Indians in the World.......

....To defeat the 7th Cavalry.
G.A Custer.

With that in mind, I present the United States 7th Cavalry.

Fort Whipple

I bought this fort many, many years ago, quite cheaply at a second hand market.   It was missing a roof section on the Commandant's quarters and a lot of the interlocking pegs on the fence sections were missing.   These were all repaired/replaced but I still need to do a bit of work on it.   Considering it's age, it is in very good condition.   The flag pole is scratchbuilt.
I have no idea who made the fort as it was not in it's original packaging.

7th Cavalry Command Group.

The Britains Cavalry sets had Custer on foot, which is great for re fighting the the Little Big Horn, but I always wondered how did he get there?   He obviously didn't walk, so a conversion was necessary.
The top half of a Custer figure and the bottom half of the mounted Scout/Trapper figure was used  to create George Armstrong on a horse.
Likewise there was no Bugler in the mounted set, so a dismounted Bugler torso and 7th Cavalry trooper bottom half were joined to make the mounted Bugler.
Guidon Bearers were also simple conversions.   There is a Herald 7th Cavalry trooper as well as a stock Britains trooper.   These are used as escorts, messengers, etc.   A mounted civilian Scout rounds out the Command group.

The Mounted Troops.

5 Troops (A, B, C, D and E) of Britains 7th Cavalry.
The troop to the front are the later, better painted Super Deetail figures.

The Dismounted Troops.

3 Troops  (F,G and H) of Britains 7th Cavalry dismounted troopers.   The troop to the front is the Super Deetail offering.
Way too many Custers!

7th Cavalry Reserve.

Dismounted troopers in reserve.   One figure converted to a flag Bearer.

Artillery and Transport.

The two wagons were scratchbuilt many years ago but have since been re wheeled with wheels from DSG.   The Gatling Guns were also scratchbuilt last century as were the 12 Pdr Parrots and Limbers.   All these items pull double duty for the American Civil War.   Whilst the Cavalry did not operate artillery per se (this was left to the infantry and dedicated artillery batteries) they were used in conjunction, on occasion, with Cavalry during the Indian Wars.   I have some unpainted Herald 7th Cavalry that I will probably try to use as crew for the weapons and wagons.

Lastly, I'd like to welcome Geordie the exiled Frog to my Blog.   He is my 20th follower!
And a big thank you to Tim, of that mighty, mighty blog  Megablitz and More for supplying me with the last two mounted troopers to round out the collection.
Thanks Mate!