Sunday, 7 June 2015

"Deos fortioribus adesse"

The Glory that was Ancient Rome.
Still painting, so here is my Roman Army for your perusal.

First up is three sets of Timpo/Toyway Romans.

These august figures are made from a very soft plastic/vinyl, which makes for some very bendy weapons.   Overall, they are nice figures and seem to be accurate in regards to uniforms and weapons.   There is one figure in the set that is carrying his gladius in his left hand, which by all accounts was very unorthodox and would not have worked very well considering the Roman fighting formation.   He became a crew man holding a bolt for the scratchbuilt catapultes along with the kneeling figure.   These figures were also rebased using the Britains style bases available from DSG.

Secondly, my two mini Legions of DSG Romans.

On the left the Praetorian Guard and on the right, the 13th Legion.
The DSG figures are what Britains Romans would have been like if Britains had ever made Romans!   They are nice figures and the bonus is the Aquilifer and Signifer figures.   The only con is the figures throwing the pilum have a bit of a balance issue.   If purchasing these figures consider buying the metal bases from DSG to rebase them.   I am slowly changing mine over.   DSG also do a Testudo formation set but I have not got that yet!

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