Saturday, 27 June 2015

From the Halls of Montezuma!

Next up, the United States Marine Corps.

Rear Row L-R  Higgins LVCP (BMC), LVT 2 (scratchbuilt), 3 LVT 2s (BMC),  LVT (A) 1 late (scratchbuilt), Higgins LVCP (BMC)
Middle Row L-R LVT (A)4 (scratchbuilt), M3 Halftrack (CTS), 2 M4A3 Shermans (CTS), M3 Halftrack (CTS), LVT (A) 1 early (scratchbuilt)
Front Row L-R 2 Jeeps (New Ray)

The Marines themselves were a mixture of Austin Miniatures, TSSD and BMC Marines.
They were undercoated with Rustoleum's flat grey primer, which worked extremely well both for adherence and coverage.   The paint guide I used was from the Bolt Action website.

I really cannot fault the Austin Miniatures and TSSD Marines.   They are well molded, utilising separate pieces which allows for great detail.   The BMC figures are acceptable but other modellers have done much more with them than I have with regards to up detailing them.   I did buy some Marines made by Glencoe but  they remain untouched, unpainted and unloved!   The figures were rebased using bases I cast myself.

The Command Group.

Consists of 2 Navy Corpsmen, 2 Radiomen, 2 Flame throwers, 2 Bazooka men, 2 senior Officers, a War Dog Handler and Dog and 2 Navy LCVP Coxswains.
These were painted in the Herring Bone Twill uniform, with the exception of the Navy Coxswains.   The Coxswains have their helmets lettered for the USS Cavalier, a Bayfield class Attack Transport.

The 1st Marines.

Figures consist of a mixture of Austin Miniatures and TSSD.   Again painted in the HBT uniform and camouflage helmet covers.   Where applicable i.e not covered by webbing and such, the USMC Globe and Anchor device was applied to the shirt pocket of all the figures.   The "chicken on a ball" transfer was supplied by Archer Fine Transfers.

The USMC Raiders.

The first is of an 8 man team, consisting of a Corporal (M1 Carbine), 4 Riflemen (M1 Rifle), 2 BAR men and a sniper (M1903 Springfield)

The second is of a 9 man team, consisting of two teams of a Rifleman and 2 Submachine Gunners and one team of a Rifleman, Submachine Gunner and a BAR man.

These figures were painted in the overall camouflage uniform.
There is one further figure which is not shown here.   He is taking part in a tutorial on how I painted the overall camouflage uniform.   He is carrying a Boys anti tank rifle and will be the subject of a later post.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

"Deos fortioribus adesse"

The Glory that was Ancient Rome.
Still painting, so here is my Roman Army for your perusal.

First up is three sets of Timpo/Toyway Romans.

These august figures are made from a very soft plastic/vinyl, which makes for some very bendy weapons.   Overall, they are nice figures and seem to be accurate in regards to uniforms and weapons.   There is one figure in the set that is carrying his gladius in his left hand, which by all accounts was very unorthodox and would not have worked very well considering the Roman fighting formation.   He became a crew man holding a bolt for the scratchbuilt catapultes along with the kneeling figure.   These figures were also rebased using the Britains style bases available from DSG.

Secondly, my two mini Legions of DSG Romans.

On the left the Praetorian Guard and on the right, the 13th Legion.
The DSG figures are what Britains Romans would have been like if Britains had ever made Romans!   They are nice figures and the bonus is the Aquilifer and Signifer figures.   The only con is the figures throwing the pilum have a bit of a balance issue.   If purchasing these figures consider buying the metal bases from DSG to rebase them.   I am slowly changing mine over.   DSG also do a Testudo formation set but I have not got that yet!