Tuesday, 19 May 2015

All the people round here are too bony for kissing!

One of my painting projects has finally come to fruition.   I present my "Skeleton Horde" or "The Warriors of the Golden Ankh" as they preferred to be known.
The skeletons were sourced from  Toysmith's Battling Pirates vs Skeletons packs.   The Pirates are a bit small and decidedly underfed, but the skeletons scale well for 54 mm.
I re based them and changed the weapon on the scimitar wielding warrior with a Britains/DSG scimitar.   I also scratchbuilt an Egyptian themed shield.   The skeleton with the flail was given the hot water treatment to align his weapon to a more natural position

Once they had been cleaned up and any flash lines removed, they were washed and allowed to dry thoroughly.
I primed the figures with Dy-Mark's Revolution Plastic Primer.   This comes in a number of colours but I chose to use the clear as the base colour of the plastic was a bone colour anyway.   This has worked extremely well, both for adhesion to the plastic figures and as a primer for the undercoat.
After priming, the figures were given an undercoat of Army Painter Skeleton Bone.   The figures were then given a wash of Army Painter Soft Tone wash.   Highlighting was done with more Skeleton Bone.   I tried to keep the colour palette to a minimum to try and give a more uniform look to skeletons.

Shields were done in an Orange Red scheme with gold highlighting but one set of shields were obviously animal hide so they were finished to represent that material.

Metal adornments were either Gold or Bronze and head wraps were also done in the Orange Red colour.

Some headgear had emerald blue and orange highlights applied in an effort to get the "Egyptian" look. 

Cheap skeletons they might be, but once painted up they make a great little band of Skeletal Warriors.

P.S.   You might be wondering about the title: Mental As Anything

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