Monday, 27 April 2015

US Forces give the nod!

Still painting, the only news is that I have finished my Skeleton Army, so that will be the subject of a post shortly as will the Toyway Romans I have rebased and the three Arrow Firing Catapultes I scratchbuilt to accompany them.   In the meanwhile, I present: 

The United States Army, European Theatre of Operations

Rear Row L-R 2 M4A3 Sherman Tanks (New Ray), 1 M3 Halftrack (New Ray), 1 M16 AA Halftrack (New Ray), 1 M3 Halftrack (New Ray), 2 M3 Lee Tanks (New Ray)

Front Row L-R 2 Britains Jeeps

Again, in the main Britains figures make up the bulk of the army with some Matchbox and a few Britains conversions.   I have always felt that there was no easily discernible Officer figure with the Britains US sets, so a simple arms swap (binoculars, pistol, etc) corrected that imagined deficiency.

On the left, 5 squads of Series 2 with a Britains Officer conversion.
Next, 2 squads of SuperDeetail with Matchbox Officer.
4 squads of Series 1, again with a Britains conversion Officer.
There is a reserve or HQ section of 13 Britains, series 1 and 2 and 4 Matchbox from years ago.
A Britains Motor cycle rider, 2 Recoiless rifle crews and a Dinky 5.5" Gun complete the army.

Obviously, Transport, and Artillery are in short supply and I suppose a few more tanks would not go astray. 


  1. I think it's time we saw some marines now Col, everyone like marines :):)

  2. Yes Al, they tell that to the Marines! Seriously, I am just waiting to finish up painting "24 Devil Dogs" (Austin Minatures/TSSD figures) to post with the USMC Armour. Stay Tuned!