Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Tehnolog Russian Figures

I recently purchased three sets of Tehnolog figures from EvilBay.   They arrived yesterday and the purpose of this post is to provide a "Opening the Box" type of review of the sets.
I believe the Tehnolog figure sets have been around for a while, but I have not seen too much about them on the internet and other sources.   I have never seen them in the Model Shops I frequent (which is not unusual for Australia!) so acquiring them through the internet seems to be the only way open at the moment.

The three sets.

Fantasy Fights Citadel of Fear,
Magicians and Wizards and Star Corsairs.

Fantasy Fights Fear Citadel Meccano Game set

This set appears to be part of a Gaming system, as in addition to the figures, there are spring loaded cannon, a scenery piece, stat cards and rules.   
The figures themselves are quite appealing.   They are, in the main, a little stocky and have sort of a "pulpy" feel to them.   The plastic is used is a styrene, not a soft plastic like what Armies in Plastic uses.

The contents of the Fear Citadel set.
For your money, you get 6 Lizard/Anubis type figures, 5 Knights, a cannon and a ballista and a plastic sprue which holds the two parts of the scenery piece.   This is quite a hefty chunk of plastic and I think could be used for more than just Fantasy settings (with some conversion).

The figures themselves scale out reasonably well with 54mm figures and I have included a Britains cowboy for comparison.

The Britains cowboy is 53mm from feet to hat and the Lizard/Anubis types are just a smidge taller.   Bear in mind, they are a Fantasy figure so scale is a variable matter.   They look right, and that's the main thing.

The five Knights of the Fear Citadel set.   Like I said before, stocky little blokes but full of character and well sculpted.   Little or no flash and I separated the figures from their sprues with a set of side cutters.   I will use a craft knife and files to clean them up before painting. 

The figures from the set for comparison.

The Star Corsairs

Five figures in the set, again all well sculpted and full of character.   These gents have a very "pulpy" feel to them, which is a good thing.   The poses are all different and would be well suited to skirmish type games.   They too come with stat cards and appear to be part of a gaming system.

The Wizards and Magicians set.

Just 4 figures in this set, but again very interesting figures and well sculpted.   The faces are very good and at the risk of sounding repetitive, full of character.   The two sprues contain the four figures and the separate cloaks which are to be applied by the user.   All the sets come with 10 little pots of paint and a brush.   I don't think I will be using these, but I can see the attraction for small children as they are like the Airfix/Humbrol starter sets.   Lucky Russian kids!

The only drawback with this set is that the figures are on the large size compared with the others.   Two in particular but the other two are quite acceptable.   The one to the left of the knight scales well but has a very tall hat!   The one to the right of the Lizard Queen also scales well and looks extremely well fed!   The last two are tall (70mm) from foot to top of headgear.   But they are Fantasy pieces, so the scale is arbitrary.

In summary, great figures, very unusual, well molded and diverse in the subjects portrayed. It is just a shame they are so hard to get hold of but the Gentleman I dealt with on Ebay (Alexey) was very helpful and very reasonable with his pricing and postage.   They did take a while to come from Ufa, Bashkortostan, (2 weeks) but they were registered so there was nothing to really be concerned about.   I will definitely be purchasing more of these sets in the future.



  1. Very cool mate, me thinks a paint job might be in order, I'll do some for you if you like?

    1. Thanks Mate! They are very interesting figures and I could use some help with the Lizard people. I have been looking for paint guides for Lizard Men and have found two that I like. One green scheme and another blue one.

  2. The Sky Corsairs are quite cool.

    1. They do make some very different figures, that's for sure!