Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Where's My Khakis??

Of course I'm not talking about the keys to the motor!   But rather khaki the colour.
I have been engaged over the last couple of weeks in painting up 2 boxes of Armies in Plastic British Infantry for the Boxer Rebellion.   These of course will represent the 2nd Battalion Royal Welch Fusiliers.   This is the third attempt at painting these chaps.   My first attempt was a few years ago.

I had prepped them by washing and undercoating with my usual Dulux Quick Dry Metal Primer.   They were then painted with Humbrol enamels.   Unfortunately, when I looked at them a few years ago, the paint was flaking off in great swathes.
Second attempt saw the being stripped, rewashed, undercoated and left for a few months.   When I went to paint them, again the undercoat was lifting off.
Third (and hopefully last) attempt saw me stripping the chaps in Simple Green (great stuff), washing thoroughly and then coating them in a PVA solution diluted to the consistency of Maple Syrup with a little dishwashing liquid added.   This helps break down any surface tension.   This was then allowed to dry for a week.
A coat of clear satin acrylic spray was applied and this matted down the slightly shiny finish left by the PVA.

A Coat of Humbrol Desert Tan Acrylic was applied as a base colour.   Valljo Khaki was then applied to the uniform and Khaki Grey to the Puttees.   Khaki however is not always the Khaki you think it is, so the Uniforms were drybrushed Vallejo Tan Yellow in two applications to get the desired shade.

Drybrushing with the Tan Yellow also gave the benefit of leaving the darker Khaki in the creases and folds which gave a good shading effect.
The helmet flashes were cut from a strip of red decal paper (from Hannants) and applied with Micro Sol.   The Officer's "Black Queue Flash", on the back of the collar, which was particular to this regiment, was made up from Black decal sheet.   (again from Hannants)
The lads are nearly finished, I am just waiting for some Rank badge decals (Archer Fine Transfers) and a Silver Sharpie permanent marker to apply a representation of the Fusilier's Grenade with Flames to the helmet flash.   The decals were Xtra Decals 6 pack   (1 each Black, White, Aluminium, RAF Roundel Red, Insignia Yellow, Roundel Blue Stripes.   6 sheets for the price of 5).

After these gentlemen are finished, my next project will be some Austin Miniature's United States Marines.
These are very good sculpts and are a good size when compared with other manufactures figures.   I found that a lot of the TSSD Marines were giants compared to other figures in my collection but some were usable.

The rifleman figure was deemed too tall so a 2mm slice was taken out of both legs and then were re-attached with Loctite All Plastics Superglue.   Good stuff, but keep the glue away from the surface that has had the prep solution applied.   Otherwise the fumes from the prep solution will set off the glue in the tube's nozzle.   A drop on a toothpick would have been a better idea!!
Anyway, you get 12 figures in a bag (6 poses, repeated) and on the right of the photo is the TSSD Marines I will be using in conjunction with the Austin lads.   The bases were cut from the feet and then prepared for my preferred method of basing.

Another three bags to go.

Finally, I finished the last of my Universal Carriers.   These were painted for the ETO and a driver figure was made for each up from spares from the bits box.   The decals were a combination of Tamiya, Archer, Star and Xtra Decals.   Humbrol Light Olive was used for the hull colour.