Tuesday, 24 February 2015

54 mm Pulp - or Indy Rides Again.

Just another quick one, this time an update on the progress of my 54 mm Pulp Fiction figures.

Dr Jones, in a spot of bother.   Mind you he has a perfectly serviceable S&W "Bapty" in that holster on his hip!

I don't think this guy is here for the fishing!

I made up a terrain piece to put the figures on for photography.   Two pieces of expanded foam, shaped with a Surfom file.   Three grades of dirt/sand were applied once the piece had been covered in PVA and were then allowed to dry.   Folk Art acrylics (Fawn, Burnt Umber) were applied in a wash to lighten the ground cover and unify the dirt.
The Obelisk was taken from this site PaperMau.

I also made up a short section of wharf.   This was just Icy Pole sticks glued to an offcut of 3mm MDF with dowel for the wharf pilings.   The curbs were made up balsa strip and the bollards were made from knitting needles and plastic strip.

Photography was done in front of a large sheet of white cardboard and the image was then tweaked in Gimp 2.8   (ironic name, considering the Pulp Fiction connection!)
Gimp is a very good Image Manipulation program which allowed me to remove the white background and place the resulting image over an image which I obtained from the internet.   In this case the Pyramids and Stokes Hill wharf in Darwin.


  1. Great figures there Col, they look even better in the flesh mate!

  2. That dock is really cool. I love the aging on the wood.

    1. Thanks BF!. Folk art acrylics (wife's) certainly come in handy now and again!