Tuesday, 24 February 2015

54 mm Pulp - or Indy Rides Again.

Just another quick one, this time an update on the progress of my 54 mm Pulp Fiction figures.

Dr Jones, in a spot of bother.   Mind you he has a perfectly serviceable S&W "Bapty" in that holster on his hip!

I don't think this guy is here for the fishing!

I made up a terrain piece to put the figures on for photography.   Two pieces of expanded foam, shaped with a Surfom file.   Three grades of dirt/sand were applied once the piece had been covered in PVA and were then allowed to dry.   Folk Art acrylics (Fawn, Burnt Umber) were applied in a wash to lighten the ground cover and unify the dirt.
The Obelisk was taken from this site PaperMau.

I also made up a short section of wharf.   This was just Icy Pole sticks glued to an offcut of 3mm MDF with dowel for the wharf pilings.   The curbs were made up balsa strip and the bollards were made from knitting needles and plastic strip.

Photography was done in front of a large sheet of white cardboard and the image was then tweaked in Gimp 2.8   (ironic name, considering the Pulp Fiction connection!)
Gimp is a very good Image Manipulation program which allowed me to remove the white background and place the resulting image over an image which I obtained from the internet.   In this case the Pyramids and Stokes Hill wharf in Darwin.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

54 mm Pulp

Just a quick one.    Firstly, a big Welcome Aboard to James, of the The Dancing Cake Tin.   Thank you  for the very kind comments regarding my Blog.

Secondly, I inquired on that most esteemed of Forums - Littlewars, on the subject of 54mm Pulp.   A genre very well supported by the manufacturers of 28mm figures but not so much in this, the one True Scale!   The general consensus I gathered from the responses was that obviously Demand and Supply play a big factor in helping manufacturers decide what subjects to produce, but there was indeed a number of figures that could be converted with little or no effort.   The Marx Daktari and Gangster sets, Accoutrements Angry Mob set, AiPs Boers, cowboys etc.
Notwithstanding the above I thought I would have a go at converting a few figures myself.

From left to right they are as follows:
Tough with Baseball Bat -  Airfix Multi Pose with puttied trousers and cap.

Charbens Arab with DSG replacement sword

Dr H.W.Jones - Multipose with scratchbuilt Fedora.   Whip is from stretched sprue.   A fortunate accident...whilst stretching the sprue over the gas flame it slipped from my grasp and assumed a really good "whip"shape!   His belts were cut from thick foil from an aluminium roasting tray.   The buckles were cut from square mesh and superglued on.

Bad Guy - Knock off Chinese Red Indian torso, Dorset Soldiers Sikh head and lower body my own sculpt.   DSG scimitar.

Charbens Arab - as above and lastly,

Female Adventurer - Pirate from Pirate vs Skeltons playset with puttied additions.

Obviously a lot more work to be done, especially on the eyes.   Still trying to get rid of that "Wild Eyed Boy from Freecloud"look.
Updates as the project progresses.

Saturday, 14 February 2015


Just a collection of miscellaneous projects and purchases this post starting with the first of the Universal Carriers painted up.

Painted and decalled for a generic 8th Army vehicle.   The vehicle markings were from Tamiya, and the paints used were Humbrol Desert Tan and Vallejo acrylics for road wheels, seats, etc.   Figures are DSG and a lone Matchbox (I think!)

I finally finished the last of my Rolls Royces, this one being painted in Army camouflage.

Base colour was Humbrol Desert Tan with Vallejo Uniform Green and USA Olive Drab outlined in Black.

Lastly, I picked up this box of Pegasus WW2 Russian Naval Infantry in 1/32 scale.   The figures look to be good sculpts and I will do a review of these in a later post once I get them painted.