Sunday, 4 January 2015

Christmas Gift Un-Wrap-Up !!

I have noticed on other modeller's Blogs, the display of what they received for Christmas.   Not wanting to be left out, I have chosen to show what I received!

It seems books were the theme at my place for Christmas (at least for me!) with one notable exception, which I will save for last.

First off is a book on a subject that is deeply interesting for me personally, being an ex Gunnery Sailor -  Naval Anti-Aircraft Guns and Gunnery.

This book by Norman Friedman is 399 pages on  the evolution of Naval AA Guns and associated equipment from WW1 to Post WW2.   Lots of pictures, plans and appendice, the text is easy to read and is very informative.   It was quite refreshing to see the use of photos of Royal Australian Navy ships as well as the other  combatants to illustrate the various guns and systems.

Indeed, the book describes the "Boffin", which was an Australian hybrid single 40/60 Bofors on a powered 20 mm Oerlikon mount.   I had never heard of this one before but I can see how it influenced the later Mk 9 and AN4s which we used on our Patrol Boats.

Example of Illustrations and photos.

Secondly on the book list is "Life in Nelson's Navy"by Dudley Pope and "King"s Cutters and Smugglers"by E.K. Chatterton.   The first title is self explanatory but is a wonderful read and details such things as food, pay, conditions, how the ships were built and a myriad of other subjects.    Paperback, 279 Pages, black and white illustrations.

The second book details the long running battle between the English Government and the smugglers who tried to circumvent the taxes on imported goods.   The Coastal Blockade Service, which was a forerunner of the present day Customs Service was tasked with curbing the smuggler's activities.   Again, a great read on a not very well known subject.
Paperback, 325 pages, black and white illustrations.

Of course, I have a vested interest in these two books, as my 4 x Great Grandfather was a Royal Marine who served in the Napoleonic era and later served in the Coastal Blockade Service.   He will form the basis of another post later this year.

Lastly, but by no means least, I received this wonderful kit of the French WW1  St Chamond, the Elephant on the legs of a Gazelle!   My good Mate and fellow modeller Billy, from the United States was kind enough to send me this model for Christmas.    Extremely detailed, I think this one will be destined to become a "Shelf Princess", no wargames table for this one!
Thanks again Billy.

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