Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Universal Carrier - Part 3

Progress on the Universal Carriers has slowed somewhat in recent days, what with appointments, the Season (and all it entails!) and a shortage of plastic strip.    The last problem has now been dealt with.

Construction has started on the upper hulls using .30 thou sheet in the main with some .20 thou and .10 laminated for those sections that require panels.
The angled plates on the bow were tackled first.   A slot was cut in the front plate for the armament and then attached to the bow.

The right hand angled plate was then cut using a card template to get the angles and the NWSL Chopper was used to cut the angles for the remaining plates.
The driver's plate was cut next with his vision port being let into the front.   The individual plates had their edges bevelled where necessary.   As mentioned earlier, the side plates were made up from .20 thou sheet and panelling added with .10 thou sheet.

The left hand angled plate was then cut and fitted in the same manner as the right hand one, allowance being made for the little step where it meets the running boards.   This was also laminated from .20 and .10 thou sheet as some carriers had a hinged plate in this position.
The left hand side was then attached followed by the rear bulkhead and lastly the rear cover over the transmission.   This completes the basic shape of the Universal Carrier.   The next job will be the internals consisting of the bulkhead separating the driving compartment from the rear compartment, radiator, engine cover and final detailing.   This however will be undertaken at the start of 2015.

As an aside, the Postie has been most generous of late (and it's not even Christmas yet!).   I received my order of 4 Airfix Ole Bill Buses.

I will do one each in their intended livery, another one will be converted to a Mobile Pigeon Loft and I'm not too sure what the last one will end up as.   
I also recieved a delivery from the Toy Soldier Depot of three New Ray Jeeps.   A project for the New Year, I will heat form some canopies for two of them and the third will be repainted as a RAN Jeep from WW2.

Picture courtesy of Australian War Memorial

Add to this 8 British and French Napoleonics (Britains) from EvilBay, my VT-49 Decimator and YT 2400 Outrider for the X Wing Miniatures Game, I feel I am one very lucky man!

Best Wishes to all my readers/followers for a safe and happy Festive Season.


  1. Hard to beat some early Christmas pressies. The carriers are coming along very nicely!

    1. Thanks Rodger. You are absolutely correct with regards to Christmas presents!

  2. Cool buses mate, you can never have too many new toys :)

    1. Yes Mate! Though I still haven't figured what to convert the 4th one to yet!