Sunday, 12 October 2014

Rolls Royce Armoured Cars - Part 5

Rear Tray, Running Boards and Turret.

The floor of the rear "tray" of the Rolls Royce ACs was made up from wooden planks.   To represent this I used strips of .20 thou plastic sheet, cut over length and then trimmed to size after the glue had dried.

The sides of the tray were made simply from .30 thou sheet cut to size with a back flap that had the boards scribed both sides and strapping applied.   The horizontal surfaces on the tray sides were also made up from .30 thou sheet.   The storage boxes that sit on the horizontal surfaces were also made up from .30 thou scribed sheet.

The body is secured to the chassis with an 8 BA screw and two guide tabs fitted to the rear of the chassis.   Having secured the body in it's correct position I could now proceed to measuring, cutting and fitting the running boards.   These were made from .40 thou sheet and a slight bevel was filed at the end where the board meets the mudguard.

The running boards were attached to the brass brackets with a little drop of super glue and then clamped.   The boards are glued to the front mudguards but not to the rear ones as this allows separation for painting.   

The turrets were made up from a circular floor of .40 thou cut out using a circle cutter and then 11 braces were glued around the perimeter.   Allowance was made for the varying heights of the turret sides and for the MG embrasure at the front of the turret.

A cardboard template was used to work out the required shape, length and curvature required (particularly for the sloping side roofs) and the sides of the turret were cut out from .20 thou sheet.   This was then glued to the perimeter of the turret braces, gluing and clamping progressively.   This was left overnight to dry thoroughly.   A pilot hole for the turret pivot pin was drilled and reinforced with a piece of .40 thou for extra strength.   A smaller disc of .30 thou was also glued to the bottom of the turret floor to raise the turret slightly.

The sides of the turret were panelled with .10 thou sheet in order to reproduce the fabricated construction of the turret.   The centre roof section was glued in and the sloping side roof sections added.   These were cut slightly oversize and then filed down to their finished shape.   Locating tabs for the storage boxes aft were added as was the armoured fuel tank at the rear of the tray underneath.   These were just simple boxes made up from .30 thou sheet.

The Vickers Machine Gun will be added later as part of the detailing process (read, I have to cast some up!)

I'm pretty happy with the progress so far, I feel it is starting to look like a Rolls Royce Armoured Car, obviously the wheels are a concession to the prototype but I think they convey the right impression.

In the next post I will deal with the details such as hinges, rivets, hatches, lights, etc.


  1. Very very nice work Col! Really enjoying watching this build!

  2. Thanks Rodger! Glad to hear it.

  3. I like watching the progress too, and I get to see them in the flesh, bonus!

  4. This has been a fun series to follow.

  5. Really glad to hear that everyone is enjoying the build. As they get closer to being finished, I'm looking forward to finally putting some paint on them!