Sunday, 11 May 2014

In the words of John Cleese......

And now for something completely different!


I don't know much about the Pulp genre, except that I know I like it!    It brings back a lot of good memories of those cheesy early black white movies, cliffhanger TV serials and Indiana Jones and the like.   The early Batman movies where  Batman drove Bruce Wayne's car (it's a loaner!), Charlie Chan fighting agents of evil, the Shadow, the list goes on and on.

A couple of years ago I bought a few packs of Bob Murch's 28 mm "Pulp Figures"  
They sat in a cupboard until recently when my  good mate, Al, from 20th Century Wargames
kindly said he would paint them up for me.    Al is a very good painter of miniatures and has done a far better job of them than I ever could. Here are some of the figures Al painted.

First up is the U.S Rocket Corps and Dangerous Dames.

Secondly, Ilsa's She-wolves and Weird Villains.

And the Sinister Court of Dr. Koo and Freakish Flunkies.

Of course I now needed some scenery to accompany these little guys and gals so I knocked up some buildings from downloadable paper models freely available on the internet.

Outside the OSSS (Office of Scientific Secret Stuff) Scientists look on helplessly as the U.S. Rocket Corps prepares to take on Count von Stahlhelm and a pack of She Wolves.

Count von Stahlhelm and the She Wolves.

The complete scene using the Shadybrook Asylum building from Ray Keim's Haunted Dimension site. Haunted Dimensions.

The second building is from the Illinois State Government site. 

I altered the construction of the buildings slightly in that I used them as a kit of parts i.e. the sheets were printed out on good quality photocopy paper and then attached to foam core or cardboard backings.   I used Elmers Glue All to glue paper to backing material as it does not seem to wrinkle like other glues.   The buildings were based on some scrap pieces of MDF and pavements from scribed cardboard and ground cover material applied.   Where the building joins the base I used some ground foam to give the effect of weeds.

The last building is from the Ravens Blight website and is the Haunted House model.  

Paranormal Investigators Dr. Carlton Neale and "Pepper" Blackwood are called to Mrs Dunwoody's residence regarding an unwanted house guest.   The Mummy figure is an old Ral Partha one from many years ago.