Saturday, 1 March 2014

WiP The WW1 General Service Wagon Part 2

The tray of the GS wagon is fairly straightforward.   20 thou styrene sheet was laminated to a thickness of 60 thou.   The inside and outside surfaces being scribed to simulate the planking.   The scribing was done with an industrial hacksaw blade that has had one edge ground to the shape seen in the photo below.
The floor of the tray was constructed in a similar manner with the exception that 20 thou and 40 thou sheets were laminated to provide a 60 thou thick floor.

The "Scrawker"in action!

Laminated sides and ends

Floors of the tray made up from 20 thou and 60 thou sheet.   Final trimming still to take place.

The Tray bodies.

A piece of 40 thou sheet was let into the sides at the front of the wagon body.   This will provide support for the seat and its springing arrangement.   Also the tiny hinges I intend to use for the rear tray flaps can be seen.   These were sourced from Scalelink in the U.K.   They will be attached with very tiny pins/nails that are supplied for the purpose.


  1. Nice bit of progress there mate, very tidy too

    1. Thanks Al. They are coming along nicely. I will have to start on my Nigel West Dickens medicine wagons soon. Have been building up my X Wing Fleet so haven't done too much modelling!