Saturday, 22 February 2014

WiP - The WW1 General Service Wagon

Finally, some modelling!

The GS Wagon was used by the British Army from the 1860's up to World War 1 (until mechanised transport took over) in various marks up to the Mk X.   It was used by the Canadian and Australian Armies as well.
They were used to transport a wide variety of materiel and were a simple, yet tough vehicle, suitable for all conditions.

You may remember from this post last year  Making Wagon Wheels that I was making some wagon wheels for projects in 2014 and this is the first of  those projects.

A start was made on the fore part of the undercarriage using Evergreen styrene strip and tube.   The tubing was cut a little longer than required and then trimmed to size.
Great use was made of two NWSL Choppers to cut the strip to length and then cut the required angles.   Two "Choppers" may seem extravagant, but are invaluable when developing a model as certain steps need to be made before mass producing the items.

The rear portion of the undercarriage was then constructed in the same manner.
The front part of the undercarriage pivots in the same manner as the prototype and incorporates the swivelling member that helps support the carriage tray.

In the next post I will deal with the construction of the wagon bodies.


  1. Boy, you do love a challenge don't you mate? Might have to cruise up for a look at these :):)

    1. No problem Al. You know where we live! Give us a call.