Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Wild West Town of Saw Butte Part 3

Madame Orr's House

The beautiful Madame Orr (Iona to her closest friends!) is the proprietor of a "Gentleman's Club" in the town of Saw Butte.    To assist her in the running of this establishment she has eight beautiful women (and three really ugly ones!) acting in the role of "Hostesses".

   Madame Orr's origins are surrounded in mystery and rumour.   Some say she is the result of a dalliance between a Russian Czar who visited America on an ill fated hunting trip many years ago and an Indian Princess.   Others say she was a Chorus Girl on a riverboat who one day got lucky on a table with an old Railroad Tycoon!

First among many of the great attractions of  Iona Orr's House is her star performer, a  young chanteuse by the name of Carrie Oakey.   The talented Carrie never fails to get the men up
to join her in lusty renditions of their favourite songs.

The construction of Madame Orr's House was done in the same manner as the previous buildings i.e. a foam core shell, scratchbuilt windows and doors, icy pole stick cladding and matchstick balustrade.

The two main differences are the roof and the chimney.   The roof was made from thin card found as a separator between teabags in a multi box.   This card was slightly glossy and when the acrylic paint was applied, gave a streaky finish which I felt gave a good representation of timber shakes/tiles.

The chimney was constructed from a foam core shell and clad individually with cardboard bricks.   They were cut from a thickish card in strips and then cut to length on a "Chopper"and then glued on.   They were then painted in a suitable brick red colour and sealed with an acrylic sealer.   Once this had dried, the bricks were mortared with Spakfilla, a plaster wall repair paste.   When the grouting had dried, the paint work was touched up using a dry-brush technique.

Madame Orr's House is a dual purpose building.   I built it with  the intention that it could be used as a Southern Plantation Mansion in an ACW setting as well as it's more notorious guise.

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