Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Wild West Town of Saw Butte Part 2

The General Store

Whilst the Saloon can go someway in satisfying the more worldly appetites of our hardworking cowpokes, there still remains a need for the more mundane necessities of life, both for the cowboy and townsfolk alike.
At the General Store , you could buy and sell all kinds of goods, chat with acquaintances around the Pot Belly stove, peruse the latest catalogues from Sears and outfit yourself in the true "Western "style!

The building itself was constructed with a foam core shell and planked with icy pole sticks.   As per the Saloon, windows and doors were cut into the foam core shell.   The window background came from an old book of Australian Pioneer buildings that were cut out from card and assembled.   These were to 1/32nd scale, but alas, are no longer available.

The false front was planked on the rear, this gave a more suitable thickness and with the planks on the front, the foam core and the rear planks gave a section of three. I read somewhere that this helps to prevent parts from warping.

The roof is again corrugated card on a thick card base and all the fancy bits on the pediments were made up from icy pole sticks.   Paints were again Folk Art acrylics.
The signs were sourced from the internet, glued to thin card and then attached to the building.


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