Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Wild West Town of Saw Butte Part 1

Again, another deviation from scratchbuilt armour, but as I have been busy re-arranging the storage situation in my Games Room, I have no new models I can present at the moment.   Hence this series dealing with my scratchbuilt Western Town.

The Mangy Moose

Every Wild West Town should have a Saloon and the town of Saw Butte is no exception.   Where else could you enjoy the uplifting company of fellow cowboys, in comfortable surroundings whilst listening to an out of tune piano and drinking copious amounts of Corn Likker and and other harmful imbibes?

The model itself was built a few years ago when I was suffering from medically induced cataracts.   I had trouble seeing the television, so to bide my time whilst waiting for modifications to my set of Mk 1 Eyeballs, I built my Wild West Town.

The building itself has a foam core shell, into which doorways and window holes were cut.   The exterior was made up from icy pole/craft/coffee stirrer sticks, which can be bought in bulk from most craft and hobby shops.   These were measured and then bundled together using Bulldog clips and sanded to length on a bench sander.

The roof was made up with a foam core base and covered with a corrugated card and finished with icy pole barge boards.
The windows were made up from craft matchsticks and icy pole sticks, the construction of which will be detailed in a later post.

The balustrade and porch railings were made up from icy pole and cocktail toothpicks and square beading for the porch supports.   Doors were built up from laminated plastic sheet incorporating panels.

The building was painted using Folk Art Acrylics (borrowed from the wife!) and were just slapped on without an undercoat in order to give a suitably rough and ready look.

The various signs on the building were simply made up on the computer, glued to card and cut out.   The edges were distressed with Distressing Ink to give an aged look.

Even though I made the roof removable, I made no attempt to provide interior detail.   I may get around to it one day!

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  1. Awesome mate, love the little details. Hard to stay busy when you're retired, think that's part of the reason I gave up trying to be being retired :):)