Saturday, 21 December 2013

Mini Post - LVT 4

As I mentioned in an earlier Post, I have a great liking for the Amtrac/Amtank series of vehicles.   This model was constructed at the same time as the LVT (A) 1 late model which features alongside in the Work in Progress photos.
As per the LVT 2 model (and indeed all of my Amtracs/Amtanks) the running gear was made in half relief.   20, 30 and 40 thou styrene sheet was used and slices of knitting needle for the road wheels.   Corrugated plastic sheet was cut into strips and then applied to the tracks to form the distinctive grousers these vehicles had.

The particular Buffalo modelled is "Platypus II".   This vehicle was used in the Balikpapan, Borneo campaign in June, 1945.   The vehicles were crewed by Americans but were transporting Australian troops and materiel during the landings.

LVT 4 on the left, LVT (A) 1 late model, on the right.

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