Saturday, 28 December 2013

Making Wagon Wheels - Part 1

As part of some projects I am planning to undertake in 2014, I have a requirement for a number of wagon wheels.
In this post I will attempt to describe my method of construction of wagon wheels for wargaming models.   The method generally follows the same principles as described in the post Making Wheels but with some differences.


Precision Mitre Hand Saw.   -  For cutting conduit.
Stanley Knife
Emery Paper
Bench Sander/Linisher - optional but highly recommended.
NWSL/Micro Mark Chopper – again optional but definitely a should have.
Dremel or similiar Motor Tool.
Drill Stand to suit Motor Tool. (though there is an alternative).
Drill Bits to suit 30 thou Rod.


Electrical Conduit 47mm and 32mm.   
214    1/8 Rod  - for axle/hub.
226    3/16 Tube  -   for hub spacer.
154    .60 x .80 Strip   - for front spokes.
155   .60 x .100 Strip   - for rear spokes.
210     .30 thou Rod - to pin spokes. 
20 thou sheet - for hub faces.
105     .10 x .100 thou strip - for Iron Tread.
Tamiya Plastic Cement.
Pegs, mini clamps etc.
Various offcuts of wood, cardboard, etc.
Spoke Template, available at Builder's Construction Templates


A square of Pine or MDF 5”x 5”
A piece of Pine beading 19 mm x 19 mm
Offcuts of thickish card.

Making up the Jigs

Find the centre of the Pine/MDF and mark.     Drill a 1/8th hole through the centre.   Enlarge slightly with a round file.
 Draw circles of diameters suitable for sizes of wheels you intend to make.
Print off the spoke template for the number of spokes you require for each type of wheel.

Using the 19 mm Pine beading, drill a pilot hole to suit a length of plastic rod (smaller
than 1/8th) so that it is a firm fit in the hole. Drill partway through the same hole with a 1/8th bit. The idea here is to allow you to use the smaller diameter rod as a depth stop.

In Part 2, I will describe the construction of the Wagon Wheels.

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