Saturday, 9 November 2013

WW2 Russian BA 64 Armoured Car - A Work in Progress

A bit of departure from my usual posts, this time it's a Work in Progress.   This project came about when a fellow member of the Littlewars Forum suggested I make one of these.   I ended up constructing 12 in total.   Never having made any Russian equipment, I thought it would be interesting.    Also, I thought being small, they would be fairly easy to  make.   More on that later.

The chassis' were constructed first, being a simple frame of 60 x 125 thou, with channels let in for the 3/16th axle holders.   These allow me to use a 1/8th rod for the axles.   The wheels were cast, (all 60 of them!) using a suitable master in resin.

The hulls were then started.   40 thou plastic sheet for the floor pan and 30 thou for the sides and ends.   20 thou with 10 thou was used for the bonnet panelling.   Great use was made of my two NWSL Choppers, in order to get the angled surfaces identical.    Bracing was applied internally in the form of  bulkheads and triangular bracing where necessary.   As many internal joints as feasible were also reinforced with scraps of plastic strip.   The holes for the turrets were cut with a circle cutter.

I mentioned earlier that I thought, due to their size, they would be fairly easy to make.   To a point they are but all the angles make it very challenging.   Not only as many of the joining edges as necessary are mitre/filed to a 45 degree angle but much care has to be taken to ensure neat joints.   I'm getting there (putty is my friend).

In the second part of the post I hope to have progressed further with the construction and hopefully the painting of them.

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