Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Work in Progress - Schneider CA1s and BA 64s

Better late than never!   I have started on the first application of the camouflage for the Schneiders.   The first is a scheme called the "flames"and the second will be a more conventional four colour scheme of yellow, light grey, red brown and green.   The paints used are Vallejo acrylics, slightly thinned with their medium thinner.   The schemes are brush painted.   The "flames" scheme consists of Uniform Green and a medium brown (yet to be applied)

Four colour scheme on the left, "Flames"on the right.

The only drawback I am experiencing is that I have to finish painting each component before I start on the next.    This is so I can line up the various markings i.e. upper hull with lower hull, lower hull with running gear.

I was toying with the idea of applying the cross hatching seen on some tanks that was applied to confuse German riflemen from firing at the vision ports.   Sanity has prevailed and I will go with the colours being outlined with a thin black line.

The BA 64s are now completed, with the exception of some undercoating and they should be on their way to their new owners shortly.

The photo above shows the turrets under construction.   30 thou styrene was used, with the mating edges filed to a slight angle.   The turret "bin" was made from 25 mm PVC conduit.   I had to turn these down to 24 mm in my hobby lathe as the holes in the roof I had cut at 24 mm!   Next time I will cut the holes to a standard pipe size.   The NWSL Chopper was used to cut the angles on the turret plates, which made life much easier!   To the left can be seen the exhausts mad from tube, rod and thin strip.   These are fitted just aft of the front right mudguard.

The 7.62 DP 28 Machine guns under construction, along with MG mounts.   These are an approximation as I used a casting of an MG 42 with the barrel cut short and stock removed.   A new wire barrel was fitted along with a new wire stock.   A drum magazine was attached to the top of the weapon and a little slice of tube was glued underneath to enable the gun to be mounted.   Also shown are the headlights  which I turned up from a knitting needle and made castings of.   A small dimple was cast into the headlight to enable the drilling of the hole for the mounting wire.   Much easier than trying to drill without it!  

The first five BA 64s undercoated.

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