Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Mini Post - Western Desert Matilda Infantry Tanks

I described the construction of specialist Australian Matilda tanks in an earlier post and part of that build was two Gun Tanks as used by the British in the Desert Campaign.

The major difference was the addition of the fuel tanks on the rear of the tanks and the extended track guards at the front and rear and of course the normal 2 Pdr gun.
The tanks were finished in the early Caunter scheme which was provided by the excellent Xtracolour set of three paints for this purpose. 


  1. One of my absolute favs, imagine these with a 6lb gun during the early war period! Have they been airbrush painted Col?

  2. G'day Al. Yes I airbrushed these two (Badger single action) . I'm basically lazy when it comes to painting but some schemes need airbrushing and this was one of them. Used the blue tape to mask off and waited at least a week between colour applications.