Saturday, 26 October 2013

Mini Post - German WW2 SdKfz 222 and 223

The Leichter Panzerspahwagen (Light Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle) were a series of four wheeled vehicles developed by the German Army between 1935 and 1944.
The two variants modelled are the SdKfz 222, which was armed with a 2 cm Cannon and an MG 34 Machine Gun and the SdKfz 223, which was armed with just the MG 34 Machine Gun.   It was, however, fitted with a large "bed frame" type antenna over the top of the vehicle.   It operated as a Radio Car in this role.

The models were constructed from 20 and 40 thou plastic sheet.   Evergreen styrene strips and shapes were also used.   The wheels were from Ertl toy tractors, detailed with the little triangular "hub caps".

The main armament on the 222's was made from plastic tube of various diameters and the MG 34s were from the Airfix Multi-Pose set.   The anti-grenade netting on the turrets was made up from Eduard fine mesh of the correct type as was the rear engine grill on the rear deck.
The turrets are able to rotate and the armament can elevate and depress. 

The aerial frame on the 223 was made up from brass wire, soldered to wire supports.   The 222s were painted with Tamiya Panzer Grey and the 223 in Model Master Afrika Mustard.   Fairly generic decals from an Archer Fine Transfers sheet were used for both models

As a postscript, the 222 series of vehicles were examined by Russian designers before they made the very similar BA 64, which will be the subject of a future post.

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  1. Great looking weak AFVs Col, the little details are just the biz