Saturday, 28 September 2013


The LVT 2 was one of a series of Amphibious Landing Vehicle Tracked. used by the United States Marine Corps and the United States Army during WW2.   The U.S Army's version was known as the LVT (A) 2.
I must admit I am very partial to the Amtracs and Amtanks and have made a total of 6 of them in differing variants.

The side sponsons and track wheels are modelled as per the BMC version i.e half relief.   The rest of the model is built to scale.   I originally bought three of the BMC Amtracs but thought I would have a go at modelling my own.   Hence, they have interior detail in the form of the drive shaft running through the cargo bay, firing step, floor grating and louvres on the rear of the cargo bay.

Construction followed the same principles as the LVT (A) 4 as described in a previous post with the obvious addition of interior detail as mentioned previously.
The .30 and .50 cal Brownings were scratchbuilt and their respective shields were formed from plastic sheet curved around a suitable former and plunged into hot water.

Whilst I still have my original three BMC Amtracs, they will now form the second wave of any amphibious landings I undertake in the future!

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  1. Splendid detail Col, especially with the guns. You'll need crew though if you're going to start doing amphibious landings; which are usually just cold and wet anyway, well, from FO point of view that is :) give me a nice dry helicopter landing anyday