Saturday, 21 September 2013

WW1 German Erhardt/17 Armoured Car.

32 of these armoured cars were made by the German firm of Erhardt in 1917.   They were similiar to an earlier model of vehicle made by Erhardt, the Erhardt/15, but were much improved.   A wireless set was fitted but this took up a great deal of room and although large cars, were a bit cramped when operating with their normal crews of 8-9 men.

The model was constructed from 20 and 40 thou plastic sheet (no surprises there!).   I was not aware of any plans at the time I built her, so a paper model (freely available on the internet) was scaled up to 1/32nd and used as a template.   The road wheels were made as per the previous post "Making Wheels".   Panelling was simulated by the 20 thou sheet overlaid on the 40 thou.

I try and brace the interior of my models with triangular pieces of 40 thou.   This is a good way of using up offcuts and strengthens the model considerably.

Rivets were applied using slices of 30 thou rod, individually applied.   The Maxims were scratchbuilt and the turret rotates.

As can be seen in the photo above, the rear wheel covers were left off until final painting.   The colour used was Tamiya TS 66 IJN Gray Kure.   Decals from a 1/48th WW1 German Aircraft sheet supplied the Eisenkruz (Iron Cross).

Erhardt Armoured Car escorting a brand new and unpainted A7V, somewhere in Europe, 1918


  1. Fantastic Col, really enjoy seeing old unusual stuff modeled, Great War era stuff is fascinating

  2. Thanks Al. Yes it certainly has got "quirkiness" (and rivets!) There is a lot of modelling potential in WW1 subjects. Currently looking at building a WW1 Australian Horse Drawn Ambulance.