Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Mini Post - Guy Lizard Armoured Command Vehicle

Twenty one of these "Combat Campervans" were built by Guy Motors.   They were used by the BEF in Europe in 1940 and also by the 7th Armoured Division in the North African Campaign.

The model itself was made from 20 and 40 thou plastic sheet and various sections of Evergreen strip and shapes.   The wheels were from two cheap plastic dune buggy vehicles I picked up from a $2.00 shop.   They were cut and shut as per a previous post.

As much detailing as possible was done before the model was actually assembled.   Rivets were cut from 30 thou Styrene rod using a NWSL Chopper and applied individually.   The rolled up tent canvases on each side were made up from Milliput.   Paints used were the XtraColour set for the "Caunter scheme".   The vehicle was base coated in the Light Stone base colour and then masked for the two other colours.   The paint was applied by spray brush.


  1. Cool paint job Col, I often burgle parts from Matchbox cars and the likes of too

    1. Thanks Al. I'm always on the lookout at Red Cross, Lifeline stores, for bits that I can use.