Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Mini Post - Cromwell Cruiser Tank

The Cromwell tank and it's variant, the Centaur, were one of the most successful British Cruiser tank designs of WW2.
The Cromwell was fast, powerful and well armoured.   It was the basis of the post War Comet tank. 
Cromwells and Centaurs were basically the same tank but differed in engine type and armament.   The Centaurs were used by the Royal Marines and were armed with a 95mm Howitzer rather than the 75mm QF of the Cromwell.

The models themselves were made from 20 and 40 thou plastic sheet.   The road wheels were made up from aluminium tube and conduit with styrene infills and detailed.

The large "bolts"on the turret sides were made from scrapbooking pearls, which are an adhesive backed dome shaped plastic decoration for card making and scrapbooking.   They come in various sizes.   The adhesive backing was cut off and they were applied normally.   The tanks were painted with Tamiya Nato Green.


  1. Great additions Col, any plans to add decals to these? Think the design would have lasted longer if they'd included a 17lb instead of the 75mm

  2. Thanks Al. At the moment, no, I would have to use 1:35 decals if I did. You can sometimes get away with doing that as they are a little oversize in some instances.