Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Mini Post - AEC B Type Armoured Lorry

The AEC B Type Armoured Lorry was used by the RN and Royal Marines in support of the RNAS Armoured Car squadrons.
The B Type Chassis' were sent to France and a French engineering firm applied the armour.
Their main claim to fame was an engagement with raiding German Uhlans against whom the Royal Marine riflemen were extremely effective.

The model was built from 20 and 40 thou styrene sheet with various thicknesses of Evergreen strip.
The road wheels were made as per the post "Making Wheels".      As per many of my models, the steering wheel was supplied by a cheap toy jeep (very handy!) and the brake/gear assembly was made up from wire, plastic and milliput for the little knob.

The interior is a bit of mystery.   According to an article by David Fletcher (Bovington Tank Museum) the RM riflemen were supposed to squat in the rear of the lorry and fire through firing slits.   I'm not sure if the interior was stepped as per the original B Type bus, i.e. a central walkway and the longitudinal bench seats on the side.
Tamiya TS32 Haze Gray was used and the decals were from an RN Pacific Theatre Aircraft set.

AEC Y Type 3 ton Lorry crossing a RNAS B Type Armoured Lorry.


  1. Very cool Col, also used at Gallipoli?

    1. Thanks Al. Not to my knowledge. There were Rolls Royce Armoured Cars I know of that were definitely there, but I'm not too sure what else.

  2. Very nice! Excellent work. You are extremely productive and putting us all to shame.