Saturday, 17 August 2013

WW1 German Field Wagons

These two Field Wagons are based on the Heavy Provisions Wagon (Schwere Proviantwagen 05.   This style of wagon, with minor modifications, was also used by the German Army in WW2.

Plans for these two wagons were a little thin on the ground, so reference was made to the 1/72 HaT kit and as many photographs as I could gather.   There appears to be two variants of the same wagon, one with a horse fodder bin on the back and one without.   I stand to be corrected as I am no expert on German Field Wagons!

The models are constructed from 20 and 40 thou Evergreen Styrene sheet and various pieces of strip and shape.   The wheels were from a company called Pegasus and were labelled as HO scale (!!!)
The grooves in the timber sides were made with the scrawker.   The poles are overlength and will be cut to the correct size once the horses are fitted.

The trees were fitted with chains and eyes so the traces could be attached realistically.   The material I used for the traces was thin strips of electrical tape (with the sticky removed) and painted in a leathery brown colour.   The Canopies on the wagons were formed by heat forming.

Due to the fragile nature, it was decided to base them using sheet perspex and ScenicMat, which is a marvellous product, if a little expensive, but very realistic.   The Horses were Classic Toy Soldiers Draft Horses.   The fodder in the rear bin was made from a piece of Micro Fibre dish cloth, painted in a straw colour.

I made up two drivers (wagoneers) from Armies in Plastic WW1 Germans and some Airfix Multipose parts.

Heavy Provision Wagon crosses Erhardt Armoured Car somewhere in Europe, 1917.


  1. Most excellent additions to your collection Col, how many hours went into this project?

    1. Thanks Al. If I remember correctly, these two took about two weeks, on and off. It took a few months longer to recruit the drivers!

  2. Inspiring as usual. Col, great idea using the 1/72 models as guides. Can you give a bit more details on the canopies? Also what is sheet perspex?

    I'm about to try to put some harnesses on some Imex Civil War limbers. I also have a number of the CTS wagons for western gaming in the works.

    1. Hi Bill. Many thanks for your kind comments. The canopies were made using heat formed plastic sheet. I made a male mold using a block of pine sanded to the correct shape minus the thickness of the plastic (in this case 20 thou) and I glued thick copper wire to the male mold to simulate the outline of the hoops under the canvas. A female mold was cut from from MDF and the plastic sheet was taped to this. Sheet Perspex is a clear acrylic sheet available in many thicknesses. I just had some of it lying around.