Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Mini Post - A13 Cruiser Tank

A bit of departure from my usual posts.   This will be the first of a series of "Mini Posts".   I'll put them up on a random basis and they will cover vehicles I have made but neglected to take many Work in Progress photos.   First up is the A13 Cruiser Tank.

The models were made from 20 and 40 thou plastic sheet using plans from Military Modelling magazine.   The picture below shows the two A13s before undercoating.   A set of sandshields (to be fitted after painting the tracks) is in front of the right hand tank.

For some reason I painted the two tanks in a Desert Sand scheme.   I think I had seen a drawing where the scheme was Desert Sand with a brown camouflage pattern over it.   Never seen it again !   A13s were sent to the Desert but I think they had extra armour fitted to the turret.   My tanks should probably be better off painted Bronze Green.

A13 alongside converted New Ray Grant.


  1. Very cool, one of my all time favourite AFVs

  2. That is very well done. I like your blog.