Saturday, 27 July 2013

Chevrolet CMP 3 Ton Truck

During WW2, Canada produced these trucks in large numbers to British military specifications.   Many Commonwealth armies used the CMP truck as well as Russia.   The CMP was made in many variants and by most Commonwealth countries.   The models represent Chevrolet built CMPs.

The most difficult part of this build was the cab.   The many angled surfaces were a challenge to get right to get the correct look.   Radiator grill was represented by fine brass mesh.   The wheels came from the cheap toy semis mentioned in a previous post and were prepared in the same manner.

The springs, which are quite visible, are merely cosmetic and are made up in a simple jig as illustrated below.
Lengths of plastic strip are cut to the required length and then curved and held by pins in the correct curvature for the springs.   Shorter lengths are then glued and pinned until the spring is made up.   The differentials are made up from Insulin needle covers, glued end to end and detailed.
Basic construction was again 20, 30 and 40 thou plastic sheet with Evergreen strips and shapes making up the chassis memebers.

The tarps were made from fine cotton material, painted with a few coats of  acrylic paint with some thinned white glue to make them firm.   Not really happy with the look and I may redo them one day.

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