Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Seabrook Armoured Car

First used in 1915 by the Royal Naval Air Service, it was by most accounts a fairly successful heavy armoured car.   It had it's failings, mostly due to the weight (10 tons) but was found to be generally useful.   30 of these handsome beasts were built, seeing service in Europe and Egypt.

A particularly difficult model to make, not from the construction point of view but because of the lack of any plans.   I worked from as many photos as I could obtain and some very basic dimensions.   A cardboard mock up was made first to check dimensions and "overall" look of the model.   Basic construction is from 20 and 40 thou styrene sheet with the wheels being made from plastic conduit and styrene strip spokes.   I will explain the method of wheel construction in a later post.

The interior is still a mystery, so the ammunition lockers and RU lockers are located by screws in case I ever find out what the internal layout was.   The hinges for the drop down sides are from Scale Link.

Rivets are slices of 30 thou styrene rod, cut on a NWSL Chopper and applied individually.

The Seabrook Armoured Car, Closed Up, Cleared Away.   The Maxims and Hotchkiss 3 Pdr were scratchbuilt, plans for these being readily available.   The White Ensign was just printed up on my computer.   Decals were from an RN WW2 Pacific Theatre Aircraft sheet.

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