Wednesday, 26 June 2013

LVT (A) 4 Amtank

The LVT (A) 4 Amtank was one of a series of Amphibious Landing Vehicle Tracked, that were developed to carry troops over the coral reefs that fringed many of the islands that were assaulted in the Pacific Theatre of Operations.   This particular model and the LVT (A) 2 were designed to provide fire support for the troops once they were ashore.

The model was made using 20 and 30 thou styrene sheet and various thickness's of styrene strip.   The BMC Amtrac was used as reference for the underside but the rest of the model was made using plans from the internet.

Slices of suitably sized knitting needle were used for the road wheels, whilst  cut down Mr Cement's caps were used for the drive wheels.   The interior of the M8 Motor Howitzer turret is fairly basic but the gun itself was scratch built as was the .50 Browning MG.   Thin sheet brass was used for the headlight guards.   The grousers on the tracks were made from a corrugated plastic sheet cut to length and width.

The model was painted in the scheme used by the USMC on Iwo Jima in 1945.   Humbrol Desert Sand was used as the base coat and Vallejo green and brown for the camo stripes.

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