Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Ford Model T Ambulances

The Ford Model T Ambulance was first produced in 1917.   Ford made over 2,400 of these tough little vehicles during the First World War.   I myself have made 5!   The bodies and the chassis' were sent separately to France and then assembled for delivery to the Field Ambulance Sections.

The models were made again from 20, 30 and 40 thou styrene sheet.   Various sections of Evergreen styrene strip were also used.   The wheels were made from plastic conduit with plastic rod spokes.
Heat forming (where a male mould, less the thickness of the plastic used) is forced into a female mould which has a sheet of plastic heated over a gas ring attached) was used to produce the cab canopy, the ambulance body roof and the firewall behind the radiator.

The radiator grille was represented by very fine brass mesh.   I was unable to reproduce the classic Ford symbol!   The rolled canvas above the rear door opening was made from Milliput.

I decide to add interior detail to the ambulance bodies in the form of the two bench seats, stretcher and stretcher racks.   The rear tailgates are hinged (using hinges from Scale Link) and are fitted with the canvas pockets which protected the stretcher handles which protruded from the end of the vehicle.   These again were heat formed.

Steering wheels were made from cheap toy Jeep steering wheels and foot pedals were also fitted.

The ambulances were painted using Tamiya spray cans and the decals were homemade using white decal paper and red lining decals applied as crosses.


  1. Fantastic interior detail Col! I hope you go back to making 'extras'.

  2. Wow you are a Master model maker! You did super making those. Do you ever make items for sale sir? Thanks Grey in Va.

  3. Thank you Grey. Many thanks for your kind comments. I did a while ago offer various pieces on the Littlewars Yahoo group, if I was making a batch of vehicles, but unfortunately the cost of postage has now ruled that out.