Sunday, 23 June 2013

Australian AC1 Sentinel Tank

The AC 1 Sentinel tank was produced in response to the shortage of medium tanks that Australia experienced during the early days of WW2.   Designed and constructed in an extremely fast time frame, the Sentinel was considered to be an exceptional tank for it's time.   However due the eventual supply of American and to a smaller extent, British tanks, production of the Sentinel was considered no longer necessary.

The models were made using 20, 30 and 40 thou styrene sheet, balsa for the bows and turrets and aluminium tubing for the road wheels.   Insulin needle caps were used for the drive sprockets with little bits from a Maple Leaf motif scrap booking punch to make the teeth.

The photo above shows the construction of the road wheel sets (bogies).   The aluminium tubing was cut using a small pipe cutter and the edges cleaned up with a file.   Suitably sized inserts were then glued to the inside of the wheel.

Here you can see the completed road wheel sets ( pre painted for ease of assembly), the hulls with balsa bows, idlers and drive wheels.

Finally, the completed AC1 Sentinel on "manoeuvres, somewhere in Australia, 1942" with a Dingo Scout Car, the subject of a future post.

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