Monday, 18 December 2017

More Pulp than....

a bottle of cheap Orange Juice!

Just pics of progress on the Pulp, Victorian Science Fiction and American Civil War Mortar Crew.

Sky Pirates.

Finally finished, I present, in all their leather finery, the Sky Pirates.

These girls were made up from a Historex nude female torso and head with a Chinese architectural 1:32 model head and a current Historex female range head.   The sculpted details were done with a two part putty, ProCreate.   The leather flying coats were painted with Vallejo Mahogany Brown or Rose Brown and then Vallejo Smoke was washed over them to give a leather look.   Bases are plastic "granny grating"   The arms on the mechanic figure are from Scale Link.

Gee Bee Racer.

Of course, Sky Pirates without planes are just girls in leather with attitude, so a Lindberg 1/32 scale Gee Bee Racer was purchased and is under construction.

It seems to be a fairly straight forward build.   All parts that have pre assembled so far, fit together really well with negligible flash.

I intend to paint her in the box colours so a bit of preplanning is necessary to allow me to mask the scalloped leading edges etc before final assembly.   More to come on this subject.

Of course, the Sky Pirates won't all fit into one aircraft so a Lindberg Laird Turner Meteor has also been ordered.

Union Mortar Barge and Crew.

The Mortar barge was made a few years ago but lacked a proper mortar and crew.
To remedy this situation I made up a six man crew using self sculpt lower bodies and a Historex male torso and head.  The black American used a current Historex head from their Arabic/Negroid pack.
Again, clothing was sculpted using ProCreate.   The Powder Monkey came was converted from a Chinese copy of a Marx Boy Scout.

Pulp Figures Works in Progress.

From left to right: your archetypal shady Western Oriental Gentleman converted from a Chinese Architectural figure with an AiP Egyptian head, re-positioned arm and bulked out trousers.
Next a Tramp Steamer First Mate.   Self sculpt lower body, Historex male torso and a head from the Airfix Commando set.   Bit of a nod to Captain Haddock before he was a Captain of course!
Lastly, Tramp Steamer Captain.   Multipose legs and upper body with a Scale Link head.

The New South Wales Lancerettes.

Finally finished, a six woman Troop of the NSW Lancerettes, the "Waratahs".
The side saddle skirt was made up from a Historex mounted Mameluke leg set and the torso again is female Historex nude.   Plastron front and jacket from ProCreate again.   The slouch hat is converted from an Airfix Australian slouch hat with Cock feathers sculpted from ProCreate.   In case you are wondering, the lances sit in a socket attached to the girth strap.   It seemed a reasonable solution to a particular problem.

The Female Admiral.

Finally, the Female Admiral.

The Admiral was sculpted using a Historex female nude torso and head with a self sculpted skirt and a Bicorne from a DSG Pirate and epaulettes from Helmet Soldiers.   She is shown with her faithful companion, "Collingwood". 

Monday, 23 October 2017

Chicks and Mortar

Or Part 2 of Pulp and VSF figures.

This post is more of a mini post than the usual style of post and is intended to illustrate the progress I have made on my Pulp and VSF projects.

Sky Pirates

These girls have been undercoated and are awaiting painting.
I have been working on names for these formidable lasses and so far have come up with (from L-R)
Lydia Binns, English, Mechanic, learnt her trade at the Meccano Factory at Liverpool.
Fraulein Thistle Hirte, Austrian, Pilot, ex Lufthansa Stewardess.   Left the Airline under a cloud, won't say why, but was heard to mutter something about a "Dirty Fokker".   Obviously aircraft cleanliness and hygiene was an issue.
Dusty Rhodes, Australian, Pilot/Navigator, first female pilot for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.
Patty "Paisley" Patton, American, Pilot, not much known other than her brother has something to do with Tanks.
Skye Ward, Canadian, Pilot, Armourer, hates Maple Syrup.

Female Rocket Troop

My modelling mate, Les, pointed me in another direction the other day which led me to start on the Female Rocketeers.   They are based on Eureka Miniature's Rocket Girl Squad.

Picture from wargameterrain.blogspot

The lower torsos are from Glencoe US Marines, which are a bit smaller than other manufacturer's Marines so they work to advantage in representing a more slender feminine form.
In the foreground are some Italaeri SC250 Bombs which will be used for the Rocket Packs.

13 inch Seacoast Mortar.

If your modelling interests include the American Civil War you would no doubt have at least one of the BMC 13"Mortars.   I was never very happy with the look of this model so I took the opportunity to make a more realistic one using the mortar tube from the BMC model.

This was a very straightforward exercise in plastic sheet, tube and rod.   Plans were gleaned from the internet and additional information from the Flagship Models version in 1/32.   Still a little more work to be done but I am more than happy with the result.

The Mortar's ultimate destination.

Of course a mortar needs a crew and taking inspiration from this image,
Soldier and Sailor's Monument, Cleveland, USA,

I am currently working on five figures in total, three of which can be seen below.

Still more work to be done in regards to filling, smoothing and beards etc.

The Admiral.

Lastly but by no means least, the Admiral.
This august matron is undercoated and only requires painting in readiness for her taking command of Britain's Female Naval Forces.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Pulp and Victorian Science Fiction Figures

In this post I will be presenting some of the Pulp and VSF figures I have been working on lately. 

First up and in no particular order is two RN/Commonwealth Sailors on a Run ashore in a Chinese Port somewhere.
These were made up from a Historex male torso with self sculpts of the bellbottoms and whitefronts.   All additions were made with ProCreate, a two part epoxy putty.   The caps were modified British Officer's caps from the Airfix Multipose set.   Arms were also Multipose and Scale Link.   The beer bottle was turned up on the Proxxon Hobby Lathe

A Run Ashore

The Admiral and the Lancer

Next is a female Admiral of the late 1800's  and a female Lancer.   These are obviously works in progress.   The sidesaddle skirt started out as a pair of Historex Mameluke mounted legs with a lot of ProCreate and grinding with the Dremel.   The torso is a cut down Historex nude female and the hat is a modified Airfix Australian slouch hat.   She is styled (loosely) after the NSW Lancers Uniform and has a plastron front made from ProCreate.   Once the Lancer is finalised I will cast the skirt and torso so as to make up a 6 woman unit.

The Admiral is modelled after this image that my friend Les sent me.

Again, a Historex female nude provided the torso but a Historex female head from their current range provided her head.   The skirt is a self sculpt and still needs more "filling out".

The Bunting Tosser.

A nickname for Navy Signalmen (amongst others!), he was constructed in the same manner as the previous two sailors.   The signal flags are made up from thick foil.   The letter "S"is shown.

Captain Nemo

Next is my take on the Legendary Captain Nemo of Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
Noting Nemo is also known as Prince Dakkar, I chose to portray him to reflect his Indian ethnicity.
The figure was converted from an ACW General (I think Armies in Plastic) with a Dorset Soldiers Sikh Turbaned head and a Historex scimitar and epaulettes from the Mameluke set.
He is shown waiting on the wharf for the Nautilus' boat to pick him up.

Victorian Female Adventurer

Depicted below with some Marx recast native bearers and pet chimp, the Victorian Huntress  was converted from a Star Wars Command Imperial Guardsman for the skirt, a Historex female nude torso and an Airfix Afrika Corps sun helmet.   The rifle she carries is a Dutch Beaumont, sourced from ReeDees Miniatures.

HMS PINCHER's Landing Party.

The year is 1888.   With the cream of Her Majesty's Land and Naval Forces off on Mars fighting the green, tentacled Martians, Britain finds her Army and Navy undermanned and under threat from European antagonists eager to relieve Britain of her dominions.   Two of these European Nations, which cannot be named, except that one speaks French and the other German, are particularly active in this role.

The Widow of Windsor has a world changing idea.   Let the women do the job that men normally do!
To this extent the Royal Navy rapidly filled its unmanned warships with female Tars.   Pictured below is the Landing Party of HMS PINCHER.

These formidable lasses were made up using the Star Wars Command Guardsman for the skirt, a Historex female nude torso and ProCreate for the all the sculpted details.   A current Historex female head was used on the Lieutenant.   The boots were from cheap Chinese Airfix German copies and the caps were again modified Multipose British Officer's caps.   The modified Union Jack was made up by my good Mate Billy, who is far more adept at computer graphics than I ever will be.   The girls are armed with Martini Henrys from Tradition of London and Deetail cutlasses.
They are of course, inspired by the Hinterland range of 28 mm figures.

Sky Pirates

Lastly, the Sky Pirates.   An infamous band of mysterious privateer aviatrixes.

These girls are still very much a work in progress.   They are made up from the ubiquitous Historex female torso, the boots from the Airfix DAK multipose set with heads from Historex and a Chinese 1/32 architectural model.   Other details such as jodhpurs, coats etc are made from ProCreate.
They were inspired by the figures produced by Pulp Alley.

Still to come, when I find the time, is a set of crew figures for a Tramp Steamer, some Chinese merchant figures and hopefully finish the small Chinese Warlord band I started a while ago.
And lastly, many thanks to two good modelling Mates, Billy and Les, for their input and help with these figures.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

A Mish Mash of Miscellanea!

Well, I will be the first to admit, it has been a while between posts.   But I have been busy!

First up and in no particular order are some Tehnolog Wizards I painted up and based using Black Cat Bases.   These were a lot of fun to paint, very expressive sculpting and a lot of detail for the paintbrush.   Vallejo paints and washes were used.


A good mate of mine in America asked if I would make a Cantina for him, which I gladly accepted.   This building was for his Wild West Town of  Resaca (Spanish for Hangover).   Unfortunately, I did not take too many photos whilst constructing the building. Needless to say it was a little bit involved and consisted of the following steps.

a.   A plan was agreed on and duly drawn up.   It was decided that a two storey structure with external staircase and balcony was needed.   Something along the lines of this building.

b.  The building walls were made from 2 layers of 6mm foam core laminated together with diagonal joints at the corners.   Great care was taken to ensure squareness during the build.   
c.   Once window and door openings were cutout, the wall were sealed with a clear acrylic sealer.   This ensured less likelihood of warping and also some for the following process to key to.   The adobe was applied using a thin skin of Spakfilla.   This was a fairly easy process, any thing too thick was sanded down after it had dried and conversely, anything too thin was reapplied. 

Prior to the main building being constructed, a small lean-to was constructed to get the technique and construction method worked out. 
Prior to the adobe being applied, the walls were stamped using a brick wall stamp which later gave a guide for scribing in the bricks that would be exposed under the adobe.   The dark edges are due to the building not being glued together.   They would be covered with Spakfilla once assembled.

Doors, windows, balcony and stairs were made from matchsticks, icy pole sticks and stripwood.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait for Billy to finish the building and send me some photos to see the Cantina complete.   (Hint, Hint)


Prior to the Cantina being constructed, I made up another three Rickshaws for a good Mate in Scotland.   I also made up two Coolies, using Armies in Plastic Boxers with Airfix Multipose arms replacing the weapon bearing arms.

Shapeways RN/Commonwealth Sailors

I picked up a set of RN/Commonwealth sailors on Shapeways recently.   They are 54mm, very well detailed with individual facial expressions.   The picture does not show them in their best light as it is a bit difficult to make out the detail but I have since undercoated them and they look great.

Safari Toobs

I picked up a few set of the Safari Toobs quite cheaply recently.   I had in mind they might be good for conversion work or just be used in their own right.

First up, the Days of Old Toob.   The red line marks 60mm with the black line illustrating 54mm.   No allowance for the thickness of the base.

Next, the Pirates Toob.

One can never have too many Pirates, though I think the female Pirate at the far right might need some reworking!

Jamestown Settlers Toob.

A versatile set, the women in particular being useful for a lot of periods.

And finally the Powhatan Indians Toob.   I thought these would make good Pacific Islander types for Pulp games.

Pulp/Victorian Science Fiction Figures

My good friend, Les, in Scotland does great conversion work using a myriad of figures that you would not normally think of using.   His work has inspired me to have a go at converting/sculpting some of my own figures.

I have always been envious of the Hinterland Models 28mm Female Sailor Range.   These are for Victorian Science Fiction gaming and are very attractive.

Hinterland Female Sailors

Anyway, I thought I would have a go at something similar in 54mm scale.

Using Les' idea of  a Star Wars Command Imperial Guard figure for the skirts, casts were made from the SWC figure and were married to casts of a Historex female nude torso.
The sailor's caps were modifed Multipose British Officer's caps.   Two part putty (Procreate) was used for the sculpted details i.e. jacket, collar, silks.   Multipose arms were used and the boots were from cheap Chinese knock off Germans.
The rifles are Martin Henry's from Tradition of London.
Of course, they still have to be painted and hopefully I will be able to get this done shortly.
The toppers on the bases were made from casts of  Kitty Litter and sand with some Noch weeds.

The above photo shows some Works in Progress.   There is a female Naval Officer, a Victorian Adventuress, Captain Nemo and a female Naval Petty Officer.   There is also the rest of the female Naval Party, some female Sky Pirates under construction as well as some male sailors in whitefronts.

The Adventuress was constructed in the same manner as the female sailors but a Multipose Afrika Korps sunhelmet and Beaumont rifle (ReeDees Miniatures) was used.

Captain Nemo was converted from an ACW General figure (AiP?) with a Dorset Soldiers Sikh turban head and Historex epaulettes and curved scimitar.

Hopefully, in my next post I will continue on with the description of the Pulp figures.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

British Napoleonic Forces

As modelled by Britains, Timpo and Armies in Plastic!

Just a short post this time.   

I present, for your viewing pleasure, my meagre collection of British Napoleonic Forces, as modelled by Britains, Timpo and Armies in Plastic.


From Front to Rear:

Scot's Grey, (Britains)
 3 x 10th Hussars, 3 x Life Guards (Britains)
5 x 13th Light Dragoons (Timpo on Britains Remounts)


Britains 2nd Foot Infantry

Britains 42nd Highlanders

Officer and Ensigns homecast and converted from Foot Infantry Officer figure.


Armies in Plastic Foot Artillery.

I was a little disappointed in that these figures did not have any of the lace across the chest moulded.
I used very thin strips of yellow decal strip to represent this.   Not perfect but much better than leaving them plain.   Ramrods and Handspikes were replaced with brass wire.

Royal Marines.

Not strictly Napoleonic but of the the period are these Replicant Royal Marines and a homecast converted Britains Officer.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

It's Market Day!

Or Big Rubble in Little China Part 2.

Having completed the fourth building in the Cubic Fun series, I decided to do some scratchbuilding of certain items which would give a little atmosphere to the table.
I decided on three rickshaws and three Market or Hawker carts.

I started construction of the wheels first.   12 spoked for the Hawker's carts and 18 spoked for the Rickshaws.   I pulled a plan (if you could call it that!) of a rickshaw from Pinterest and resized it to suit 54mm.
The wheels were constructed using the method as described in an earlier post

I have to apologise for the lack of construction photos but they were fairly straightforward exercises in plastic strip and sheet, brass wire and sheet.
The canopies were heat formed as described in a number of previous posts using a male former and a female plug and plastic sheet heated over a gas ring.
The canopy hoops were made up from brass wire shaped on a jig and then soldered together, again using a jig.   Two were modelled in the raised position and one in the lowered.

The photo below shows the nearly completed rickshaws (the lowered canopy still to be painted and fitted) and the three Hawker's Carts under construction.

The first Hawker's cart was a Fruit and Vegetable vendor.   Construction was again very straightforward with plastic sheet for the body and roof and strip for the posts and handles etc.
Little crates were made up from plastic strip and then filled with fruit and vegetables.
The plums were made from tiny beads and painted, the leafy green vegetables were made from a strip of paper wrapped a toothpick and after it had dried, the ends were cut and splayed and then painted.   A bit like those little paper booties for chickens and turkeys.
The eggs were made up from little balls of Milliput and laid on finely chopped bristles (Thanks Billy!)

The melons were made up from larger beads and painted.
The bananas were made from what I call the "chads" left over from my wifes diecutting stencils.   We hunted around for a die pattern that would produce banana shaped cutouts and these were then assembled into hands and painted.

The Beef Fried Noodles cart was made in the same way as the previous cart but wih a rounded roof.   A wok and chuan were made up along with some bowls  from cut down plastic golf tees and silver earring posts and backs were used for dispenser and cups.
Plastic craft mesh was cut to make a resemblance of Chinese lattice for the front of the cart.
The sign actually reads "Beef Fried Noodles"!

The last of the carts is the Fireworks Vendor.   I had in mind that this would make a great Plot Point or "Peril" to be negotiated or even a cause for a worthy distraction.
The firecrackers were made up from all the left over spokes after they had been trimmed to size.
The rockets are just plastic tube either painted or wrapped in a Chinese themed paper.   Launch sticks were added from shaved down toothpicks.
Two posters (from the internet) advertising Chinese branded fireworks were added as well.

I will have to make a start on a few more buildings now that this lot is finished.   A few more road sections and of course some coolies and merchants fro the Rickshaws and Carts.